SWOT Analysis

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According to What is SWOT Anlysis (2011), SWOT analysis is an analysis used to identify the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) of the company as well as external factors (opportunities and threats) of the company.


The supports from the Malaysia's government for tourism industry become one of the powerful strength for this industry. According to Hamzah (2008), tourism industry gives second highest contributor after Manufacturing industry. According to Asia-Web.com (2012), Langkawi island is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Again, the supports from Malaysia's government will create a greater changes for tourism industry in Langkawi Island (as well as for Meritus Resorts & Spa). By offering some recreational activities (i.e. water sports, adventures activities, etc), it become a crucial strength for Meritus Resorts & Spa to gain people attentions. Langkawi Island is more strategic to become a good holiday destination, one of the factors is because some airlines companies in Malaysia (like Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia, and FireFly) offer flights to go to Langkawi Island (Langkawi-online.com, 2012) which is a great strength for this industry. This is because the airlines partnership can be a critical point to increase the number of visitor. Here are some of the facilities which offered by this resort to gain more customers' satisfactions: Online Reservation System: Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort has an online reservation feature embedded on it's homepage website. This gives a good hospitality for people who want to stay at the resort. People can check the availability of vacant room on their desired days and they can check their previous reservation online. Unlike in other resort, some of their website doesn't provide online reservation system that is accessible via the resort's own website. This gives power for Meritus Pelangi in engaging more customers, offering ease planning of future booking/reservation. Family Package: Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort offer a reservation package special for family holiday. This package offers various bonuses for the family members, such as lounge service offer (breakfast, cocktail, internet access) for 2 persons, free children dine menu and complimentary children club activity for two persons, and also discount at spa. This superiority can attract more families who want to spend holiday at resort while getting better offer for family holiday. Wide Choice of Suites: The large variation of suite choices enable wide options for the tourists which suites they might like. Most of the choices are categorized by the type of the terrace, such as terrace which opposite the lake, opposite the beach, or the natural garden of the resort. They also offer Langkawi style traditional design for tourist who look for traditional atmosphere. Airlines partnership: The hotel offer variety of discounts for food and beverages up to 20% at the hotel's restaurants for travellers who had become members of the listed airlines in the affiliates program. Big Company Name: Meritus is a large company name that are located at various eastern countries, from China, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Regarding the global economic recession which discussed in the STEEP Analysis - Tourism page, price becomes the biggest issues for this four star resorts which provide luxury staying for their visitor with highly price on them. This resort is highly recommended for the rich family and couple who want to have luxury stays and honeymoon packages. Nowadays, the visitors are concerned about money and they demand a good service with a affordable price. This can be a factor that force this Meritus Resort and Spa to do the price reduction or improve their quality of service highly above the other resorts so the visitors are willing to come to this resort.


As the development of IT world today, the usage of portable devices like tablets, pocket notebook and smart phones can be the...
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