Swot Analysis

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Somewhere in Hollywood, a team of animators is using HP workstations to create scenes so realistic and complex, they would have been impossible five years ago. At the same time, a nurse in a VA hospital is scanning bar codes created by the HP Patient ID system to make sure her patient gets the right medication. In Australia, a bank is using the HP Carbon Counter to measure its greenhouse gas emissions and set goals to reduce them. In Atlanta, a proud mother is uploading photos of her son’s recent karate competition to HP Snapfish so she can share them with family members in Dallas. And in Singapore, a regional sales team is using an HP Halo videoconference room to have a face-to-face meeting with their U.S. counterparts—without ever setting foot on an airplane. At HP we are proud that our products touch so many lives, and this is just the beginning. We believe that technology is vital to helping us all succeed in this rapidly changing world. We believe that because we serve such a wide range of customers—from individuals to the largest enterprises—we have a unique perspective and exceptional insight into how their needs can be met. And we’re committed to using our products, services, and ideas to unleash the exciting new possibilities just around the bend.

helping small and midsize Companies manage, proteCt, and grow their businesses If you’re running a small or midsize business you’ve got vastly different priorities than the global megacorporations—and we get that. You need to improve data security, maximize productivity, and keep your customers happy—while significantly reducing costs and energy use. So we’re on the job, creating solutions to make your firm more secure, agile, and productive. Our HP SMB portfolio includes things such as the Business Risk Mitigation solution, which can reduce outages by as much as 85%; Huddle.net, which is a cloud computing environment that gives users collaboration, project management, and document sharing capabilities without having to download software; MarketSplash by HP, which provides hundreds of professional-quality brochure, flyer, and business card templates at no charge; and flexible financing solutions from HP Total Financing, which make acquiring HP technology easier than ever. HP at a glance • Fortune 9 U.S. • Fortune 32 Global • 304,000 employees • $114.6 billion USD in revenue for FY09 • Operates in approximately 170 countries worldwide

Creating outComes that matter for enterprises
At HP we understand that most CIOs aren’t half as interested in our technology as in what it can help them achieve. They need to be able to see around corners— have a line of sight to turn information into insight and insight into advantage. They need to innovate to create new opportunities and capitalize on those that present themselves. And they need the elasticity to be able to scale their infrastructure up and down to meet dynamic business needs. So that’s where we focus. And with the acquisition of EDS (now known as HP Enterprise Services), we are better positioned than ever to deliver the outcomes our clients are looking for. Take the Trade Data Center in Wynyard, UK. Designed by HP Enterprise Services and built utilizing HP technology, the data center was recognized for design excellence before it was even completed. It uses the cold wind blowing off the North Sea to lower the temperature of the IT equipment, sensors to light the rows of servers only when needed, and a roof that collects runoff rainwater for landscaping and fire protection. When complete, the facility will be one of the largest and most efficient data centers in Europe, with anticipated energy savings of 40%. That’s the kind of business outcome our largest customers are asking for— and it’s the kind that HP is uniquely qualified to deliver.

making more things possible for all of us
HP technology isn’t just for businesses. It’s giving regular people around the world the power to do more with...
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