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Top 10 fast-food restaurants
By Ching M. Alano (The Philippine Star) Updated July 17, 2008 12:00 AM

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, fast food is the fastest way to satisfy hunger pangs. It’s comfort/convenient food that’s good for the soul — and kind to the pocket, too. To literally grab a bite to eat, you need not look far because fast-food restaurants are all over the country — there’s probably one smack in the center of your neighborhood. Indeed, we’re fast becoming a fast-food nation. So, what’s your favorite fast-food restaurant? We did some sniffing around and quickly came up with this list of top 10 fast-food restos in the country today: 1. Jollibee

Network-wise, Jollibee is the No. 1 fast-food chain in the country today, with more than 600 outlets all over the country (278 of them in Metro Manila alone — for delivery, call 87000) and over 30 stores abroad, bringing a taste of Pinoy burger and more to the world. Jollibee is surely busy as a bee. And to think it all started as a small mom-and-pop store 30 years ago. It’s also the most awarded Filipino fast-food chain. Truly, this Pinoy success story, that’s created a big buzz, warms the heart. And guaranteed to warm the tummy are its best-selling and very affordable Yumburgers (really cheap but truly tasty and beefy at only P25), crispylicious Chickenjoy that you’ll enjoy, Jolly good Spaghetti, and a lot more “langhap-sarap” products developed through rigorous scientific methods and state-of-the-art technology. Isn’t that bee-utiful?

2. Chowking
Literally, this restaurant is the king of chow — food that’s meant to delight both the heartstrings and the pursestrings. Why, at Chowking, you can have a meal fit for a king on a commoner’s budget! Among its top sellers are the chicken lauriat (only P132), a combination of fried chicken, siomai, rice, pancit, buchi, chicharap in one generous plate; beef wanton (P89), a really satisfying steaming-hot treat for people craving great noodles with chunks of tender beef and wanton, and a special beef sauce; and pork chao fan (P39), deliciously filling mixed fried rice with marinated pork bits and the signature Chowking Chinese bagoong. Today, Chowking has 383 outlets nationwide. For delivery, call 702-8888. Chowking’s recipe for success is simple: good quality, the right portions, and the right price points based on customer feedback. Because at Chowking, the customer is king. 3. McDonald’s

Here’s where the beef is — at McDonald’s 277 stores nationwide (call only one number for delivery: 86236MCDO). Say “Cheese!” And say it with McDo burgers that have gotten even beefier. McDo also gets “cheesier” with its ongoing ultimate cheeseburger promo. If the cheeseburger is not beefy enough for you, double the treat with the double cheeseburger that’s got two layers of 100-percent pure beef patty and American cheese with choice ingredients in a soft bun. For a touch of green on your burger, there’s the cheeseburger de luxe (100-percent pure beef patty with American cheese, crisp vegetables, and special dressing in a soft bun) or the double cheeseburger de luxe (two layers of 100-percent pure beef patty and American cheese with crisp vegetables and special dressing in a soft bun). So, what are you waiting for? Pa-cheeseburger ka naman!

4. Goldilocks
As good as gold, Goldilocks’ goodies are good old favorites. With 265 stores nationwide (for delivery, call 888-1-999), its name has become a byword here and abroad. Filipinos living abroad pine for the Goldilocks mamon, among other Goldilocks best-sellers. For Goldilocks, success is sweet! But aside from its assorted sweet treats, Goldilocks offers certified Pinoy favorites like palabok (palabok noodles topped with a bright orange sauce delicately flavored with dried shrimps, ground meat, and bean curd, and then garnished with chicharon or popped pork rind flakes and hard-boiled egg, and served with calamansi); fresh lumpia (a mix of meat and chopped ubod or coconut shoots...
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