Swot Analysis

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Chapter 2
SWOT Analysis

STRENGTHS * Owning of cruise brands, tour companies, hotels * Forms of entertainment * Competitiveness of the corporation| WEAKNESSES * Safety and security * Environmental safety practices * Overtime pay issue| OPPORTUNITIES * Population * Economy| THREATS * Hurricanes * Lawsuits against the corporation * Competitors|

Carnival Corporation & plc was a global cruise company and one of the largest vacation companies in the world. Owning of cruise brands, tour companies, hotels would result to the increase of the company’s total assets and there would be more products to sell or offer the customers. The more properties the company holds, the more financial income would flow-in to the business because the products or activities that the guests seek are found within these properties. These components that the corporation invested into are the major variables that are essential to satisfy the clients needs. The Carnival Corporation could offer various forms of entertainment in their cruise like music, dancing, nightclubs, selection of movies and the guest could enjoy the midnight buffet until breakfast. During the nights a daily program of activities were performed at the passengers' cabin to boost the enjoyment of the guests. These entertainments were done to attract customers, Arison (the founder) began to add different recreational activities such a casino, discos and other forms of amusement that were designed to increase the shipboard experience of the passengers. Choosing the fun and right activities in the cruise is very essential to make sure that the firm has reached beyond the satisfaction of the guests. One quality that a company should acquire is competitiveness; it is for the success and the achievement of goals of the business. The Carnival Corporation has raised the products to a new level wherein they could compete with other rivalries. Best example of the renewal of products was the old...
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