Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis2
Introduction – What is leadership?3
Essential Leadership Skills3
Difference between management and leadership4
Skills where my level of confidence is low5
How to address to my weaknesses of being a good leader6
Developing positive mindset and attitude7
Research for profession growth and development7
Accepting critics and learning from mistake7
The leader as a follower7
Learning Goals8
Prioritizing learning goals8
Determining missions, vision and aims of my personal development plan to improve leadership skills8 Mission9
Action Plan9
1.Immediate change to be brought9
2.Optimum use of all resources9
3.Willingness to accept challenge10
4.Evaluation to monitor progress10
5.Long term goals10

SWOT Analysis
Leadership SkillsLowVery LowGoodVery GoodExplanations
Good Judgment and observerXWill need more experience and technical know how Interpersonal RelationshipXBy nature I am an extrovert person Praise and RewardsXI firmly believe in recognition of effort Good ListenerXCollecting feedbacks are useful for decisions making Lead by exampleXTutorial Assistance has been of great help Passion XHave willingness to perform

Be well organizedXFirmly believe in as some not organized always chases his tail Willing to delegateXBelieve in team job
Accepting ownership of workXHowever there are room for further development Good communication skillsXWill have to empower myself

Introduction – What is leadership?

Leadership is a process of creating a positive influence on followers to adapt to fast coming changers in the world. It highlights the relationship of the leader and follower which is based on interactions and motivation. Everything is done for smooth running of activities that promotes corporate progress Essential Leadership Skills

Difference between management and leadership

Leadership vs. Management

Being at an early stage of my career is a limitation to foreseen the future with the high precision. In my opinion I will acquire knowledge in this domain while accepting ownership of work. This is how I will be able to manage risks and show the right direction to my followers

Brave hones and full commitment
There are the facets to become a highly respected leader. However these are directly related to the level of confidante both in performing and guiding a while team. The more we accept responsibilities the more we are accountable for likely outcomes. One can become brave and be ready to commitment. Moreover it is very important to develop good codes of ethic and to accept corporate culture. However when we move to practical exercises, we note that people are more interested to maximize their personal interest. So this puts me in an awkward situation if I have to lead people who do not believe in honesty and ethics. Skills where my level of confidence is low

1.Being a good observer and judge
A good leader has an immense responsibility as he must be a very good observer and a correction decision taker. I believer that such qualities cab be acquired with practical experience. For example if I were to delegate duties to my follower I will be imperative to know and to appraise the capability of that person. At this stage taking the wrong decision may cause heavy losses or reduce my competency in the eyes of others. For the time being I do not feel that I have good analytical skills or have the necessary expertise to understand human psychology well. Sometimes human judgment is so subjective that it becomes very difficult to understand on what bases decision have been made. 2.Pro-activeness and good vision

It is believed that readiness to take timely corrective measure can enhance the performance of a leader. A leader is one who sees the horizon and is ready to provide advices and...
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