Swot Analysis

Topics: University, Higher education, Education Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: April 15, 2013
IFS 361
Individual Assignment 1
Jody Classen


Positive reputation in the external community
Diverse student body made up of multiracial groups and cultures •Facilities include new and well-maintained, attractive buildings and grounds with growth potential •Large campus library
Free and open network for all students and staff


Lack of pride in internal community from students and staff •Current network system in place is not always properly managed •Some classes are overpopulated affect learning experience •Sluggish responsiveness to prospective students from admin •Lack of student participation in events which involve large groups of students OPPORTUNITIES

Powerful technology and hardware becoming cheaper allowing the possibility to add to existing system •Growing demand for graduates in our country
Increasing interest in global initiatives e.g. “Going Green” •Technological advances providing better learning methods and opportunities •Large student pool
Cloud computing becoming a popular business solution


State budget crisis
Development at a nearby university
Increase in reporting expected by government and society •Public perceptions/lack of knowledge about higher education


There are systems known as Integrated Library Systems (ILS) which can perform all functions currently available at the university library and some more such as online reservations etc. The impact that the university has on the external community is critical as it is from this community that future students and staff members come from. To maintain a good name within this group, there are solutions currently in place such as the official website and social media to spread the good word of events and happenings within the university, and also to provide information of the services and facilities available. The network system currently in place is already suitable for the...
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