Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
Loyal Customer
One of the strengths of Wal Mart is that the customers are loyal. This is because the company provide good customer service for its customers. This company has analysed the customers and divided them into groups which are loyalists, selective, and sceptics. Therefore, the company has come up with the idea 5 point plan in order to convert the selective and sceptics into loyalists and also ‘to drive deeper loyalty’ over for a long term with the company. The first 5-point plan is the company is leveraging their supply chain skills to decrease the prices of expensive organic goods shoppers that were purchasing in other stores to 10percent. Next, Wal Mart is developing to the ever-changing demographics of shoppers as their needs for variety of products. So, the company want to ensure that it has the product that the customer need in their new lifestyles. Besides that, Wal Mart wants to achieve higher level of its appeal in the growing Hispanic market. Currently, the company has identified 350 of its stores that believe able to expand their offering and the way they conduct to engage a larger portion of the Hispanic market. Other than that, Wal Mart is developing a new store system that works faster, easier and more convenient to shop, by doing this, it able to appeal to more upscale shoppers mainly for women. Lastly, to attract attention from younger shoppers, the company plans to further develop the policies for eco-friendly. So in 15 years’ time the company plan to use renewable energy resources, create zero waste and even sell products to help sustain and preserve the environment. Great Pricing

In this economy, retailers have to fight for every dollar from the customer is willing to spend. In order to do that is to have weekly sales. However, offering good deals on selected items does not always translate into purchases of the other items at regular price with better profit margin. Therefore, Wal Mart used the gimmick...
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