Swot Analysis

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Swot analysis of Nike

Nike is a well- known public sportswear, clothing and footwear suppliers with its main hub in Portland.

Athletic shoes are the best from Nike.

Looking forward to its Swot analysis we will come to know that being the best suppliers of sports wear they face many problems inside the market.


Nike being a globally known brand has its reputation and goodwill in the market It is known for being the number one brand around the world for making sportswear Nike has a very strong and efficient research and development department which helps them make the best product for its buyers. Nike has the brand loyalty as it produces best quality products.


The company does not have diversified range of products; they keep producing the same products. They use child labor in their factories which make many people boycott their products The prices of their products are very high, not everyone can afford their products They have been expanding into many markets which sometimes does not suit their working environment Opportunity:

They can promote their brand into sportswear as well as fashion wear They can diversify their products into different product ranges through wish they will gain high profits They can sponsor and sell their products to the Olympic players, soccer players and basket ball players


As Nike is an international brand, it sells products in different countries with different currencies; their pricing scheme does not remain stable. Nike could face loss due to this Their competition is increasing, local and domestic brands which sell their products at a lower price can become a threat for Nike Working on an international level demands very competitive and knowhow of every country, Nike should remain stable in all the aspects

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