Swot Analysis

Topics: Clothing, Marketing, SWOT analysis Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Mission of Zara
1. Response very quickly to the demands of target customers, who were young, fashion-conscious city dwellers and their tastes in clothing changed rapidly and hard to predict 2. Take advantage of intelligence and trust the judgment of employees throughout the company instead of relying on a small set of decision makers SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis analyzes current situation of organization and identifies factors that may affect desired future outcomes of the organization. The SWOT model is based on identifying the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and threats and opportunities of the external environment.

Pic1.The Form of presented SWOT analysis
1| Ability to recreate fashion, ZARA had great discretion in deciding what clothes would be design and produced. Collection were created, extended and design over time by team of commercials and were based on garment availability in stores.| 2| Some group of commercials traveled extensively, observing residents needs and tastes and try to learn what kind of clothes would sell if Zara made them. So clothes would be design and produced based on regional sales patterns.| 3| Store manager could store-to-store transfers when they saw that garments selling slowly in one area were popular in another| 4| Commercial function also exercised a great deal of autonomy. Commercials decisions were not typically reviewed by higher level managers. Zara trust the judgment of employees| 5| Active use of stores, Zara spend relatively heavily on its stores. They are located in a city`s prime retail distinct, often on the best-known street, store layout were completely changed every four to five years. Zara has team to design the layout of the store| 6| Zara has center that set and control the price of the products over the world| 7| Small Quantity Production. Maximizing Product Scarcity, Push customers to buy their product immediately and Increasing the frequency...
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