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SWOT analysis
There are several strengths for Ben and Jerry’s. The company is successful and established as with sales in USA, Europe and Asia, which is identical with social responsibility and environmentalism. For example, Ben and Jerry’s products are packed in unbleached cardboard containers. Unbleached cardboard containers can prevent pollution when disposing the containers. How can these containers help Malaysia? It’s a fact that many people litter in Malaysia; by having unbleached cardboard containers; Ben and Jerry’s will be able to reduce some carbon footprint from being emitted to the atmosphere. Next, the company sponsor PartnerShops, which are Ben and Jerry outlets independently owned and operated by nonprofit organization such as Goodwill Industries. The company is involved in several other event for example saving family farms. Ben and Jerry sell its colorfully named ice cream, ice cream novelties, and frozen yogurt under brand names such as Chunky Monkey, Phish Food, and Cheery Garcia (Roger Hernandez, 2010). This will definitely ensure that Ben and Jerry’s mission will be carried through Malaysia. In 2009, Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream flavor was named in a top ten list of the best ice cream in London. In 2008, Ben and Jerry’s had 36% of their market share while Haagen-Dazs had a 44% market share (Roger Hernandez, 2010). This was achieved in spite of a premium price point. The premium price of the product was supported by a high quality image, high quality products therefore Malaysian are able to taste premium ice cream at much lower prices with different variety of flavors .In 2007, Ben and Jerry’s co-founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were asked to join Lance Armstrong in speaking about clean technology and alternative energy at the Ernst and Young national entrepreneur of the year awards (Roger Hernandez. 2010). Ben and Jerry’s execute more effectively than other ice cream company is having many avenues for customer to provide feedback. This will be a good leap for Ben and Jerry’s to Malaysia because Ben and Jerry’s have support from various ambassadors around the world, which will definitely, gives a good brand image in Malaysia therefore, easier exposure. There are weaknesses for Ben and Jerry’s. In Year 2006, former CFO Stuart Wiles was convicted of embezzling some $300,000 from the company during his tenure at Ben and Jerry’s, which ran from Year 2000 to Year 2004 (Roger Hernandez., 2010). In Year 2006, the company had to stop using Michael Foods as their egg suppliers, due to bad PR from the Humane Society, which alleged that Michael Foods treated chicken inhumanely. Ben and Jerry achieved success despite several corporate weaknesses. The most in plain sight was a lack of professionalism in its management, and no clear mission statement. The company reinvested huge amounts of property and equipment in 1994 increasing its long term debts by almost 45% in 1993. Furthermore, they increased marketing cost, selling expenses, and administrative infrastructure, which increased 28%, which is $36.3 million in 1994 (Marc A. Gittler., 2002). They took out a vast amount of capital lease in their aim to automate their production to keep up with the intense competition. The company’s clear focus on multiple social responsibility issues could damage the company by shifting the focus away from important business matters, and also add unnecessary costs. Apart from that, the company needs more experienced management to fuel aggressive growth in a downturned economy and change flat sales in their premium product lines. There are several opportunities for Ben and Jerry’s. In today’s health conscious societies, even though peoples like ice cream, but often they afraid that consume too much will lead to health problem. Young ages prefer low fat ice cream to keep them slim. Elderly prefer sugar free to prevent diabetes. New flavor ice cream that special created every certain seasons for example autumn...

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