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Marketing Plan

Unidiz Suites

Submitted by:
Ferrer, Kit Willem
Judan, John Melvin
Manalo, Coleen Lou

Submitted To:
Prof. Carmen Mazo

Executive Summary
This paper aims to summarize the plans and strategies that will increase the sales/ rentals of the Unidiz Suites. The Unidiz Suites, unlike any other dormitories/ apartments offers male/female room for rent and accepts male/female bed spacers. Dorm rooms can be double or quadruple-occupancy occupancy in size. In some cases, three people can live in a quadruple occupancy or one person in a double occupancy room. It has one public comfort room on the first floor and provides private toilet and bathroom in each room. The rooms may or may have an air-conditioning unit depending on the customer’s choice. Each room is provided with beds and cabinets. The dorm/ apartment itself offers laundry services-(pick up and delivery). It has adequate fire preventive measure-(fire extinguisher, fire alarms, fire exits etc.), and security services (two guards). There is a cozy multi-purpose lobby/study area and provides also cable TV, radio etc. It is located near the university belt and accessible to review centers. Rent is not only exclusive to students and board exam reviewers, but it is also open to employees and families.

By carefully analyzing the current market demand, achieved after careful market research and situational analysis. That group suggests that different marketing strategies and plans to further increase sales and increase profit ratings. This paper includes an in-depth analysis of the market, budget and recommendations to increase sales, even if the market is in recession (Summer breaks, other long holidays.).

I.Current Marketing Situation
A.Product Review
Unidiz Suites started engaging in business 4 years ago. The business became stable because of its location and peaceful surrounding. It is near the university belt (UST,FEU,CEU,UE,PSBA,SBC,SSC,NU) and accessible to review centers(Accountancy-CPAR,RESA,ROQUE; Engineering-BESSAVILLA MERIT; Nursing-GAPUZ,PENTAGON,KAPLAN,NORTH CAP). The location is quite good but it is needed to be more known since it is located in the inner side of Carola Street w/c cannot be easily seen by the people. We need to focus our efforts on the strategies with regards to its programs, promotion, advertisements and facilities.

High prices from other dormitories have given Unidiz the ability to effectively compete as it sets reasonable prices and good facilities.
Dormitories are rapidly in demand especially during class seasons. Students preferred to stay out of home rather than to have a long transportation ahead., working people need to stay near their offices to meet their budgets and people who are reviewing would like to have some peaceful space away from home to focus themselves in reviewing or to stay near their review centers since not all places provides these centers.

Basic necessities their customers need are readily available since the dorm is located near commercial markets.

B.Market Description
The continuous growing numbers of dormitories in the entire place is a sign that dormitories is becoming a big hit, this would push the businessmen to engage and to produce a similar business concept. This threatens the sales of Unidiz Suites because it will increase the divisions of the markets regarding with the customer matters. All their target markets would depend on how many college students would study, or how many graduates would decide to be ready for their board exams and also in the status of employment rate. These would affect the growth of the target market, which is divided into three groups: college students, people who are reviewing and the working class. They are faced with a large number of potential customers and they are trying to give a satisfying accommodation to all. C.Market Analysis

Every year new students arrived from their different provinces, look...
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