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Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

University strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) were identified by members of University Strategic Goals and Priorities Committee (USGPC) during a brainstorming session in January, 2004. Administrators, faculty, and students reviewed the analysis and provided input during the President’s retreat this summer. Background information on the organization’s strengths and weakness in relation to opportunities and threats it faces can be useful in considering strategic issues. The SWOT analysis was used to develop the attached strategic questions. These questions and others raised by participants at the workshop will help define strategic directions important to the university in the next five year. SWOT ANALYSIS Internal University Strengths and Weakness Strengths  Positive reputation in the external community  Positive experience with those who interact with the campus  Proactive Partnerships with other universities, community colleges, K-12, agencies and corporations  Past performance o Many Accredited Programs o Successful 6 year graduation rates  Faculty and staff support the campus mission  Proactive student support o Access to services o Faculty involvement with students o Student leadership programs  Learning communities developing to enhance learning and student-faculty interaction  Campus Characteristics o Medium size campus with small class size o Facilities include new and well-maintained, attractive buildings and grounds with growth potential o Potential for growth in Turlock and Stockton o Friendly and safe  Diverse student body, Hispanic Serving Institution  Dedicated and Expert faculty  Campus wide involvement in planning  Healthy shared governance

 Strong, active external boards  Residential Campus Development  Artistic and Cultural Performances (concerts/seminars/exhibits) Weaknesses                  Distinguishing qualities and identity not well known...
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