Swinging London

Topics: Fashion design, London, Florence Pages: 14 (3433 words) Published: February 25, 2013
|STYLE HISTORY |TEKO Autumn ’11 | |Style name |Swinging London | |Period |1963-1967 | |Background |For a few years in the ’60s, London was the world capital of fashion. The 15. April 1966 Time magazine | |What has influenced this style |dedicated, in its issue, London: The Swinging City. | |period? |Due to the ‘50s post war baby boom, the ‘60s were the age of youth. The movement away from the conservative| |(Politics, economics, major events, |‘50s continued and eventually resulted in revolutionary ways of thinking and real change in the cultural | |developments in society, culture) |fabric of British life. The young people wanted changes, which affected education, values, lifestyles, | | |laws, and entertainment. They want more freedom and fewer responsibilities than their parents’ generation. | | |They rebelled against the limitations and restrictions of post-war society. | | |The ‘60s were also a period of strong economic growth, where the income was the highest ever registered. | | |The young people spent on items that symbolized their unique identity, which also made them as the engine | | |driving fashion change. | | |The combination of affluence and youth led to a flourishing of music, fashion, and design. | | |The fashion boutique really gained its power in the ‘60s, even though it started in 1957. London became the| | |centre of the fashion trade in this period. Especially Carnaby Street, where the men flocked and King’s | | |Road, where the women lured. These streets were the most popular and media also covered these streets to | | |visit the young fashionistas, because it was here they could find all the new latest fashionable | | |prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear). | | |Mary Quant’s “Bazaar” and Barbara Hulanicki’s “Biba” were one of the first boutiques to gain popularity | | |between the youngsters. “Biba”, which opened in 1964, was the very first Boutique, who entered the popular | | |consciousness with their new shopping techniques. They introduced the very groundbreaking mail-order | | |catalogue in 1968, which meant that modern fashion became accessible to everybody. | | |One of the biggest designers in “Swinging London” was the British designer Mary Quant, who introduced a new| | |kind of fashion directed to the young audience. She introduced the pop enthusiastic youngsters to | | |miniskirts and hot pants in new cheap materials under the phenomenon prêt-a-porter, which made clothes | | |available for everyone. | |...
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