Swine Flu

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Swine Flu
Chareeka Joseph
University of Phoenix

The swine flu has been around the United States of America for a while. Many individuals have encountered the disease that has been gradually increased to critically ill or even death. Over time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have created vaccines to prevent the swine flu from affecting individuals in a dangerous way.

Swine Flu
According to the Alliance for Consumer Education, swine flu, also called H1N1 flu, is a respiratory disease caused by influenza viruses. Many of the symptoms with the swine flu are the same as with the seasonal influenza those individuals suffer with during the flu season. The swine flu can eventually lead to pneumonia and death among individuals. The swine flu could be spread just as well as the original influenza by human-to-human transmission.

According to MedicineNet, the first outbreak of swine flu in humans was in 1976 at Fort Dix. During the outbreak in 1976, only one human died because of the swine flu disease. The swine flu was sought to travel among the compounds of one area and just disappeared thereafter (MedicineNet, 1996-2011). Another brief outbreak in 1988 occurred in a 32-year-old pregnant woman. The pregnant women was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and then died several days later. After the woman’s death, a swine flu trait was detected throughout the testing and diagnostics and information arise pertaining to the woman attending a fair with infected swine. The next major outbreak of the swine flu, which became a pandemic, occurred in 2009 (MedicineNet, 1996-2011).

Within the local community, the swine flu has been a problem among all of the United States citizens. According to CNN Health, the United States surfaced with eight people infected with the same virus samples that killed about 68 people in Mexico. In New Orleans, Louisiana, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated...

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