Swimwear Market

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Swimwear market report

The global swimwear market will be dissected and analysed this year at Mode City with the release of the organisers’ Global Swimwear Market Estimate. The show commissioned the NPD Group to survey the swimwear market worldwide to look at trends and consumer expectations for the coming years, and the results will be revealed in a special seminar at the event in Paris. Here we bring you a few tasters of what’s to come…

Overall, the news looks good. In 2010 the global swimwear market was valued at approximately €7.8bn at retail value (exluding beachwear), and the market has been growing by an estimated two percent a year for the last four years. The 34 countries of Europe account for 11 percent of the global population but a huge 34 percent of the swimwear market with estimated total sales of €2.6bn in 2010. The US has around 36 percent and Asia 18 percent. In total, 11 countries experienced sales of more than €200m in 2010.

The report will focus on the five major European markets: France, the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. France and Italy are the top two countries for swimwear with sales of €432m and €417m in 2010/11 respectively. Sales in France are stable, while Italy’s sales are declining. Spain, Germany and the UK are all showing growth.

The findings show that 63 percent of swimwear is bought for leisure and the rest for sports use. Women account for 54 percent, men for 29 percent and children for 17 percent. Men are more price sensitive than women, opting for function first but with an increasing emphasis on aesthetics. Men pay on average €21.4 for an item of swimwear. Women are also interested in function, but they place greater importance on aesthetics, fit, seduction and the ‘I’m worth it’ factor which means they are prepared to pay an average of €27.2. The 45 plus woman is the biggest spender, paying on average €31. By country, German women pay the most for their swimwear (€31.6), followed by Italy (€30.5), France...
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