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In the swimming world there are many different kinds of strokes that can be learned in order to use the proper swimming techniques. A swimming stroke is a way that swimmers move their arms and legs to go against the water and move themselves forward. The strokes create the least water resistance and there should be a minimum of splashing so that moving forward is smooth and not jerky. There are several specific kinds of stroke methods, but there are eight common ones. There is the butterfly, breast stroke, crawl, side stroke, trudgen, freestyle, backstroke, and dog paddle. Many swimmers start out very basic but there are many tips that you can practice to improve your form and speed.

The butterfly is the most exhausting and the most difficult stoke of all. The stroke requires the body to be in a prone position while dolphin kicking, a windmill motion that has the arms and legs moving at the same time. In competitive swimming, the swimmer is not allowed to swim underwater. The only time they are allowed to be underwater is the first stroke and each turn they take after they finish one lap. Another stroke is the breast stroke. The body is also in a prone position just like the butterfly. Although this stroke includes the legs kicking like a “frog”, alternating with the movement of the arms from the starting point at the front of the head to the shoulder level. When competing competitively, the swimmer must keep their head above the water surface at all times. The crawl is another type of stroke that when used in competition requires the swimmer to keep their head in the water and alternate their face from side to side. Just like the other two strokes, the body is in a prone position. The swimmer alternates over arm strokes and the flutter kick to move them through the water. The sidestroke is another stroke used to move the swimmer forward under the water with the body on one side using the scissors kick to propel them through the water. A well-known English...
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