Swift Kick in the Milk

Topics: Milk, Adolescence, Nutrition Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Venus Ortega
Awndrea Caves
WRT 101
Rough Draft Essay #1
11 September 2012

Swift Pick in the Milk?
Taylor Swift! Taylor Swift! Mom, look its Taylor Swift! I want a glass of milk like the one she has! Imagine hearing that as a teenager or preteen girl is flipping through a magazine. The milk industry has definitely evolved their marketing techniques over the last few years. In the 50’s, 60’s, and even in the 70’s, all you would see in a milk ad were secluded country farms with rolling green hills and tons of cows. Marketing and advertising of milk has greatly changed a lot over the years. The “Got Milk?” ad campaign uses various celebrities, cartoon characters, and superheroes all with big white mustaches to convince the masses to drink more milk. Each ad uses different methods, benefits, and features to reach out to a specific audience. The Swift pick ad caught my eye mainly because I can relate to teenage girls, and I love country music. This celebrity ad stood out to me in several ways. Swift pick shows Taylor Swift sporting a big white milk mustache to attract the attention of a teenage audience. The use of freedom of choice and good decision making in the text makes teenagers feel more in control of their own decision to drink milk versus unhealthy sugary beverages heavily advertised to teens. The ad could also have a psychologically disparate effect on teens who try to live up to the stereotype that you have to be skinny as a celebrity to be healthy. The Swift pick advertisement features Taylor Swift, a huge country and crossover pop star, to convey its message. She sits with her acoustic guitar in a very natural setting with nothing overdone as far as makeup or clothing. The lighting, colors, and sheer clothing lead to a more angelic or ethereal feel giving a kind of glow to her face and hair making her appear at ease and happy. Everything in the set is put together to give off a natural feel and comfortable ambience. The most obvious part of the...

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