Sweetwater School of Business: Performance Appraisal Process of Secretaries

Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The experts at the Sweetwater School of Business recommended several ideas to improve the performance appraisal process of secretaries at Sweetwater U. They recommended that Vice President Winchester adopt a form similar to the original appraisal form created 10 years ago; that Winchester rescind the practice of rating no more than half the secretaries as “excellent”; and to stop tying performance appraisals to salary increases. Although I believe that the 3 issues that the experts pointed out were very important. I do not believe that the experts’ recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly. As displayed by the experts, the need for a more detailed appraisal form, the unfairness of limiting the number of “excellent” ratings to be allotted, and a new method for allotting salary increases are essential to an effective appraisal system, however the experts’ recommendations cannot be implemented without several changes being made. The experts recommended that Sweetwater adopt its original form created 10 years ago, however this form served as a basis for discontent among the secretaries and led to an exodus of secretaries to the private industry. The majority of this discontent was a result of disparities in job standards, as “administrators varied widely in their interpretations of job standards, as well as in how conscientiously the filled out the forms and supervised their secretaries” (Dessler, 2011). Sweetwater U must define the secretaries’ job descriptions, their performance standards, their goals, and Sweetwater U must also properly train administrators in conducing performance appraisals so that all secretaries are held to the same standard and all supervisors follow the same rating format. Another issue with the form is that when it was first instituted “it became obvious to everyone that each secretary’s salary increase was tied directly to the March appraisal” (Dessler, 2011). Although...
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