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17. What does Dan Murphy mean by, "When you fail one Hmong patient, you fail the whole community" (p. 253)? 17,什么是丹·墨菲所说的,“当你失败1苗族病人,你失败了,整个社会”(第253页)? It meant that the word of mouth spreads around fast in the Hmong community, as it did with Lia’s case. It had confirmed the Hmong community’s worst prejudices about the American medicine and the medical community’s worst prejudice about the Hmong. The noncompliant, ungrateful attitude in combination with the false accusations against the doctors by the Hmong enraged the nurses and doctors very much, while the Hmong felt vindicated in their belief that American doctors cannot be trusted. 这意味着,口碑传播快周围的苗族社区,因为它与利亚的情况下做到了。它证实了苗族社会的最严重的偏见对美国医药和医疗界的有关苗族最糟糕的偏见。在组合不符合要求的,不领情的态度与对医生的不实指控的苗族激怒了护士和医生非常多,而苗族觉得平反,在他们认为,美国医生是不可信任的。

18. The author gives you some insight into the way she organized her notes (p. 60). What does it say about the process of writing this book? She chooses to alternate between chapters of Lia's story and its larger background-the history of the Lee family and of the Hmong. What effect does this create in the book? 18。笔者给你一些洞察到她组织她的笔记的方式(第60页)。它说什么关于写作这本书的过程?她选择了利亚的故事章节和李氏家族的大背景,历史之间的苗族交替。有何影响?创建的书吗? The author tells Lia’s story very detailed and tries to underline the Lee’s behaviour by alternating to chapters that discuss Hmong history, religious beliefs, their contribution in the Quiet war for the CIA and their destiny to become a migratory culture. She tries to adapt to the concept of “fish soup”, the essence of Hmong culture, as Hmong believe that a story should be told from the very beginning, as everything is connected in the world and connects. It might be a little confusing at first, but reading about the Hmong’s history and their fate, made me understand their behaviour better. 作者告诉利亚的故事非常详细,并试图强调李的交替到讨论苗族历史,宗教信仰章的行为,他们在安静的战争中为美国中央情报局和贡献自己的命运,成为候鸟的文化。她试图适应“鱼汤”,苗族文化精髓的概念,苗族认为故事应该从一开始就告诉了,因为一切都连接在世界上并连接。这可能是一个有点混乱在第一,但阅读苗族的历史和他们的命运,让我明白了自己的行为好。

19. The concept of "fish soup" is central to the author's understanding of the Hmong. What does it mean, and how is it reflected in the structure of the book? 19,“鱼汤”的概念是笔者的苗族的理解。是什么意思,以及它是如何体现在本书的结构? In chapter two the author tells the story of an intermediate French class at Merced College, where the students were asked to give a five minute oral report in French. The second student who was asked to give his report, talked about a recipe for fish soup, but although the speaking time was limited to five minutes he spoke for forty five minutes starting from the very beginning, e.g. preparations for fishing. The concept of “fish soup” is the essence of the Hmong, as they have a phrase “hais cuaj txub kaum txub”, which means, “to speak of all kinds of things”. Hmong often use it at the beginning of an oral narrative as a way of reminding the listeners that the world is connected in every little detail, even if it does not seem like it at first sight. To the author this concept helped her understand and feel what had happened to the Lees, when they encountered the American medical system. She felt that in order to understand their tragedy one must start with the first beginning of the world, just like the Hmong would begin a story. 在第二章中笔者讲述了一个中间的法语课,在默塞德学院,在那里提出学生给法国一个五分钟的口头报告的故事。第二个学生谁被要求给他的报告,谈到了食谱鱼汤,不过虽然发言时间限于五分钟,他讲了,从一开始,例如,启动45分钟准备钓鱼。的“鱼汤”的概念是苗族的本质,因为他们有一个短语“HAIS cuaj txub kaum txub”,这意味着,“讲各种事情的”。苗族经常用它以口头叙述为提醒这个世界连接的每一个小细节的听众的方式开始,即使它似乎并不像它的第一眼。以笔者这个概念帮助她理解和感受发生了什么事的李斯,当他们遇到了美国医疗保健系统。她认为,以了解他们的悲剧,我们必须开始与世界第一开始,就像苗族将开始一个故事。

20. It is clear that many of Lia's doctors, most notably Neil Ernst and Peggy Philp, were heroic in their efforts to help Lia, and that her parents cared for her deeply, yet this arguably preventable tragedy still occurred. Can you think of anything that might have prevented it? 20,很显然,许多利亚的医生,最明显的是尼尔·恩斯特和佩吉PHILP,是英勇的努力,帮助利亚,她的父母照顾她深深的,但这可以说是预防的悲剧还是发生了。你能想到的任何可能阻止它? There is a possibility, that if the Hmong would have had a chance to stay in their mountain hills in Laos, Lia...
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