Sweet Flour

Topics: Supply and demand, Flour, Wheat, Population growth / Pages: 17 (4189 words) / Published: Jul 9th, 2013
Angelic Marasigan Reglos
2010 – 18227
AECO 141 CD-1L

MARKET STUDY of “Especially Flour You” Sweet Potato flour 1. Product Description
In our country, bread is the second most favorite food of the Filipinos, next to rice. Most of the Filipinos are used of having bread on their tables especially for breakfast and merienda. The classic example of an all-time favorite bread of the Filipinos is Pandesal. We also love other pastries such as doughnuts, cake, biscuits and the like. And for the fact that we love to eat bread, we Filipinos are being innovative in experimenting and discovering new pastry products. As the pastry industry grows, the demand for flour also increases.
The most common commercial flour used in the Philippines is the all-purpose flour made from wheat or rice. Statistics show that we are importing significant amount of flour since we do not produce wheat that can be used to meet the aggregate demand for flour. Because of this, the price of flour increases. And due to high domestic demand for flour and high price of flour, other flour alternatives such as malunggay flour and squash flour were introduced in the market. But because of the small local supply of malunggay and squash, these flour substitutes are not widely commercialized in the country.
To help resolve the shortage of locally produced flour, a new flour product came from a surplus commodity needs to be introduced. Sweet potato is a low priced commodity which can be a good alternative to wheat and rice in producing flour. By introducing a new flour product made from sweet potato, flour will be more accessible and affordable to Filipinos.
Just like other flours, it is served in powdered form. The main ingredient of the new flour product is basically, sweet potato - Ipomoea batatas. It has a natural sweet taste but a relatively low glycemic index which can cater the needs, not only of the general consumer but also of the diabetic consumers. It is rich in

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