Sweet Fifteen

Topics: Dominican Republic, Dance, Merengue music Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Laneys PeñaSeptember 18, 2012
English 095-T1
My Sweet Fifteen
I still remember my sweet fifteen/quinceañera as if it was yesterday. It was the best experience ever; being the center of attention like a shinning star. My pink gigantic dress with rhinestone shinning made me look like a doll. Cameras everywhere bright lights left and right. It was amazing. As I walked in, the crowd applauded and the entrance waltz was at full volume as I walked into the reception hall. The purpose is to recognize my journey form childhood to maturity. It’s the beginning of womanhood in Latin cultures around the world.

I felt myself blushing and felt my heart rate going so fast it was scary. I also felt a bit shy knowing that everyone was looking at me. The preparations for this coming out party are elaborate traditions of dancing, food, tiaras, dresses, favors. Some of the traditions are sweet goodbyes to the little girl…a last doll a dance with daddy. And some celebrate the young women that the child has become. Made-up with elegant make up as it’s traditionally the first time I can wear make and also to wax my eyebrows.

As my dad changed my shoes from ballerina flats to high heels everyone watched as my eyes got watery from the excitement and happiness. Tears ran down my cheeks as my mom put the tiara on me. I then danced the waltz with my dad, older brother, and two of my closest uncles. My maids and their dancing partners performed several choreographed dances. The first dance was a waltz where all the maids and caballeros-gentleman made a circle surrounding me; so that my partner would give me three turns. The traditional song of sweet fifteen fiestas-parties was El Val’s de las mariposas-the valley of the butterflies. We also danced a merengue- a style of Dominican music and dance, since that’s where my parents are from. Also bachata,-originated from the Dominican Republic is a type of music, and dance my favorite. The damas-maids had...
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