Sweet Bee Bakeshop

Topics: Net present value, Internal rate of return, Rate of return Pages: 5 (1400 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Bread is a food made from a wide variety of plant substances that are ground into flour, mixed with water into dough and is usually baked into loaves or cakes. There are two types of selling the product in a bakeshop: selling by displaying the bread like in Julies Bakeshop and Goldilocks, and delivering the bread like what Gardenia does. At the beginning of Christian Era, Bread has spread to all parts of the world. Man has been making bread of some sorts since the last Ice Age. It was used to pay their workers and to serve as sacrifices to the Gods. Others also used breads in religious ceremonies. Today in our modern world, bread is important in most of our cultures. In our country, undoubtedly, pan-de-sal is the most in-demand in all seasons. It represents breakfast and snacks at least to those who prefer bread than junk foods. Bakery is the best place to look for a variety of bread that satisfies your hunger. There are a lot of bakeries that we may find in every corner of our country , everywhere we go there always be the presence of bakery especially to those areas where population are at large number.

Sweet Bee Bakeshop originated in Siniloan, Laguna. It caters breads from other places like Infanta Quezon, Rizal and Sta. Maria. Since there is a high demand of breads in Sta. Maria, it will be considered as the venue of the study. The proposed business Sweet Bee Bakeshop II, is just a branch which would be located in Velasquez Street Barangays I, Sta. Maria. It aims to cater fresh, affordable and of good quality of breads. The business will still be single/sole proprietorship. The business will sell their products in retail and wholesale to cater the breads in other barangays that have a demand of breads to generate higher sales. Marketing penetration strategy is used to penetrate the market, lower prices than the competitors will be applied to all products and a discount will be given to those who purchase in volume. In terms of advertising the business will use spend a small amount since the business already has a name in the place. The manager of Sweet Bee Bakeshop I chose Sta. Maria, whose people are mostly engaged in farming and are eventually having a high demand for bread. They consume bread at breakfast and snack. They consider bread a substitute of rice in time of hunger especially when they are in a hungry in going to their farm.

With this situation the manager wants to know if it is feasible to put a branch in the area. Accordingly, the researchers were encouraged to conduct as study regarding the establishment of Sweet Bee Bakeshop II I the area. With these, the manager will know the possible opportunity and problems in having a branch in Sta. Maria, Laguna.

The study needs the answer if the propose business is feasible considering the management, marketing, technical, financial and social feasibility. A thorough study of these different aspects needs to be undertaken and answered before the business will be established. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT FEASIBILITY

What will be the form of ownership?
What will be the vision and mission of the business?
What will be the pre-operation period of the business?
What are the legal requirements needed before the business starts? •What are the job specifications and job qualifications to be considered in hiring the employees? MARKETING FEASIBILITY
What will be the environment in marketing?
What will be the marketing objective of this study?
What are the products that should be offered?
What will be the marketing mix of the business?
Who will be the expected competitors?
What is the industry in this kind of business?

What, where, when and how will raw materials needed for the daily operation be purchased? •What, where, when and how will tools and equipment needed on operating the bakery be purchased? •What will be the trademark of the...
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