Sweden in the cold war

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The Cold War
Sweden in the Cold War

The reason of the Cold War
After the Second World War from 1940 till 1945 was Germany the country that was split up in 4 parts. France, Britten, and American part in the west of Germany were one region and the Soviet Union had the east of Germany under his power. The Soviet Union made of Germany a communism part but the west became a democracy. This is also the reason of the Cold War. The American were afraid for a communism spread in the world. The Russian felt an aversion of the capitalism and they were afraid of an attack from the Americans. The Russian knew that the American had some nuclear weapons. The Americans didn’t want to share their knowledge about the nuclear weapons and this was a reason to distrust the Americans.

The good relation with the American and the Soviet Union during the World War II was just a short time, the only common that they had in this period was their enemy the Nazi Germany. But after the war and the time that Germany was split up in different parts the countries made up agreements with each other. But this was for a short time; these countries didn’t trust each other.

In this period of the Cold War there was never direct conflict between the both countries. With a war between these both strong countries would be a disaster, but it didn’t stop them to put their influence in other parts of the world. Like the war in Vietnam is a good example of a war between these countries, the American helped the anti-communism in the south of Vietnam and while the Soviet Union his weapons exported to China. And in Afghanistan the Americans helped the Afghan rebels in their fight against the Soviet Union.

Also the agreements that the countries made about the East-Europe that they must get free elections in all liberated areas where failed by the Soviet Union. This all made the war between the Americans against the Soviet Union without fights in both countries. But there were not only problems between these countries; the followers of the American in this time were almost all the democratic countries. To stop the communism and the propaganda in East-Europe made the Americans, Canada and a view of West European countries a treaty, the NAVO. The main item of this treaty was to protect and help each other when one of the members would get attacked. Also was it important to get West Europe stable and without problems, what was happened in the last centuries. By this they mentioned the Soviet Union. And with this the Cold War started, the West against the Soviet Union and China. But this is not the only country who helped each other.

Sweden in the Cold War
Sweden was since 1814 out of wars. They never attended the first and second World War. Since 170 years there have a neutrality policy with foreign affairs. And now after the World War II they stayed out of this Cold War. Since Sweden had never attended the wars they also didn’t sign for the NAVO treaty what a lot of other west and north European countries signed for. But Sweden also saw that it is important to protect the democracy and that is important to improve the human rights. But to improve these facts they stayed out the NAVO and other treats but to have some input in these targets, brought Sweden some diplomats to these organisations to have put some effort out of Sweden in these organizations in the international political agenda.

The neutral Sweden had till 1998 a secret unit who send NAVO-agents in countries of the Warsaw Pact. Sweden also worked together with the countries of the NAVO, Denmark, Norway and the U.S., on any preparation on a war with the Soviet Union.

Important Swedish diplomats
One of the most important Swedish diplomats who were a part of the NAVO in the time of the Cold War was the visionary D. Hammerskjöld, he was the secretary general of the United nations. D. Hammerskjöld was the first who came up with the...
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