Sweatshops In Third World Countries

Topics: Wage, Employment, Third World, Abuse, Minimum wage, Child labour / Pages: 6 (1279 words) / Published: Mar 13th, 2017
Sweatshops Sweatshops play a major role in third world countries. More than 150 million people work in these sweatshops in developing countries. Most of these sweatshop workers are children between the ages of 5 and 14. Many sweatshops are focused on the manufacturing of clothing. Several of these clothing facilities are located most commonly in Central America, South America, Asia, and parts of Europe. Large companies such as Nike and GAP have been discovered to use sweatshops. Although sweatshop employers can be abusive and working conditions are dangerous, sweatshops provide a source of income for the poor and could lead to more opportunities for their future. Sweatshops are a low wage labor intensive manufacturing facility. These …show more content…
Sweatshops provide a form of income for the lower class of third world countries. These sweatshops can help with a developing country’s economy. They also provide a form of safety in some of the more dangerous countries. However, some sweatshops can be bad. Some sweatshop employers can be very abusive toward their workers both physically and verbally. Workers can be treated as property instead of human beings. Health risks also come with these sweatshops. Several different diseases can be obtained by simply working, whether these diseases are obtained by working with chemicals or the close proximity of other workers.
Sweatshop protesters in the more developed countries are harming these sweatshop workers more than they are helping them. Sweatshop protesters can often target large companies that use sweatshops to create their products. Often times these large companies react to the protesters and move their working facilities to better countries. The workers of these sweatshops are forced out of their jobs due to the working facilities being moved. Sweatshop workers are often forced to get different jobs when sweatshops were their best source of
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Often times, these labor laws that are broken are the amount of pay workers should receive and the amount of hours they are forced to work. Sweatshops provide a source of income for the poor. However they also have many health risks. Employers can oftentimes be abusive with their workers. Protesters of these sweatshops often cause more harm than intended toward the workers. Businesses react to these protesters and move their working facilities, stripping the workers of their only source of income. Sweatshops are often beneficial toward third world countries by providing more income for poor countries, even if the working conditions are

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