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Response to Sweat
The short story of sweat by Zora Neale Hurston was a very tragic story depicting the life of a female with an abusive husband. The relationship described in the story I feel describes most relationship today. While reading the story I started to feel sympathetic towards the main character Delia. What she was going through no one deserved. No one deserves an abusive husband whether it is verbally or physically. I also felt the husband wasn’t appreciative at all for what his wife was doing for him. He didn’t appreciate her strong will to love him, nor did he appreciate the labor she put in to make him happy. It was actually sad to hear other characters in the story talk about how they would have liked to have dated Delia. It gives one an idea that she could have had a better life if she would have made a better choice in who to marry. Although I was sympathetic toward Delia I also felt she should have been more aggressive in her needs and desires. Her husband Sykes only acted the way he did because he knew she would accept the way he was. If she did not wait as long to speak up then maybe she would have lived a better life.

In the end I felt Sykes got what he deserved. Since Sykes originally brought the snake into the house it was his responsibility to remove it from the house. In the middle of the story Sykes tells one of the townsfolk that the snake was a live but was just full of frogs. It was Sykes own ignorance in not realizing that the snake had already digested its food that condemned him to death. It was Sykes disregard for Delia’s constant complaints of the snake that in the end hurt him the most. Just like most of her complaints he ignored it, which in the end cost him his life. One could say it was Delia’s responsibility to tell him the snake was loose, but in my opinion I feel she could have assumed he knew this since he was the one who put him there in the first place.
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