Swarm Intelligence

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Characterization of multi robot swarm

Primarily the knowledge of this moment of time, which as just grown forever but made our mind to write the words for those who were with us with ever welcoming gesture throughout this assignment. I heartly like to thanks the Almighty for giving me this opportunity as well as strength to complete this assignment. Best of the words is for Our Respected Teacher Mr. Zahid Gulzar Khaki  .                     For suggestion and thorough support throughout this assignment. Last but not the least I would like to thanks my parents who had encouraged me to finish this assignment.


* Introduction of swarm robotics
* Definition of swarm robotics
* Definition of swarm intelligence

* Robustness
* Scalability
* Flexibility
* Simplicity
* Diversity
* Distributed
* Decentralized
* Dynamic

* Research axes of swarm Robotics
* Modeling
* Communication

* RoboticS

..3.. Abstract:-

Inspired by the collective behavior observed in natural insects, Swarm Robotics is a new approach of design to demonstrate swarm intelligence in a large group number of robots. In such robotic system individual robot only has limited capabilities in terms of sensing, computation, and communication but its behavior can be designed such that a desired collective behavior emerges from the local interactions among robots and between the robots and the environment. The attention to swarm robotics has been increased recently because of beneficial features demonstrated in such systems, such as higher group efficiency, the robustness against failures of individuals, flexibility to adapt to changes in the environment, and scalability over a wide range of group sizes.

The study of how large number of relatively simple physically embodied agents can be designed such that a desired collective behavior emerges from the local interactions among agents and between the agents and the environment.

Swarm robotics represents a new approach to the coordination of large numbers of robots whose main inspirations stem from the observation of social insects. These insects such as ants, wasps and termites are known to coordinate their behaviors to accomplish tasks that are beyond the capabilities of a single individual; ants can carry large preys to their nest, termites can build large mounds from mud within which a desired level of temperature and moisture is maintained. The emergence of such synchronized behavior at the system-level is rather impressive for researchers working on multi-robot systems, since it emerges despite the individuals being relatively so incapable, despite the lack of centralized coordination and despite the simplicity of interactions.


“Any attempt to design algorithms or distributed problem solving devices inspired by the collective behavior of social insects’ colonies and other animal societies.” Swarm intelligence is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. The concept is employed in work on artificial intelligence. The expression was introduced by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in 1989.


The system-level operation of a swarm robotic system should exhibit functional properties that are observed in natural swarms and remain as desirable properties of multi-robot systems.

The degree to which a system...
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