Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas (the Literary Work That Every Time I Read It. It Brings Tears in My Eyes)

Topics: Love, Literature, Writing Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Suzanne’s diary for Nicholas (The literary work that every time I read it. It brings tears in my eyes) The diary was lovingly written by a woman named Suzanne a kind mother. She wrote the diary for her son, Nicholas, when he was two weeks old. Suzanne wanted to explain to Nick the important things that occurred in her life that led up to his birth. Eventually Suzanne used to live in Boston where she worked at Massachusetts General Hospital. And after some life changing incidents she decided she needed a change. She decided to pack up all of her stuff and move to Martha’s Vineyard, where she used to live with her grandparents as a child. There was a job opening at a local country hospital that she took without hesitation, and she also bought a little cottage by the sea. But the house needed a lot of work done to it, so she hired a man named Matt Harrison to help her fix it up. Further in th story in the present,

Katie had been dating Matt Harrison for almost a year until he unexpectedly broke up with her. It was very shocking for Katie because everything had been going very well between her and Matt. In fact, she was expecting him to propose to her pretty soon. The day after Matt broke up with Katie, she found a package sitting outside of her apartment door. Inside of the package was a diary. There was a note written on the first page for Katie from Matt. He told Katie that he was sorry that he hurt her and he shouldn’t have let their relationship get so serious. Also, he wrote that he wanted her to read the diary that his wife had written for his son, because it would explain Matt’s past. At the end of the diary, Matt had written a note to Katie. It said that he finally told her everything about his past and why he wasn’t able to tell her before. He said that he couldn’t be comforted because he had been grieving for such a long time. Katie knew that she had to find Matt, so she went to Martha’s Vineyard to see if he was there. Matt’s neighbor told her that she...
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