Suyuan Woo and Jing-mei (June) Woo: Like Mother Like Daughter

Topics: Amy Tan, Family, The Joy Luck Club Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Suyuan Woo and Jing-mei (June) Woo: Like Mother Like Daughter The Joy Luck Club encompasses the stories of four Chinese women leaving China, to live in a new world of people, language, and culture in America. The book written by Amy Tan features each woman’s story, her American born Chinese daughter’s life, and culture clashes between them. Also an American born Chinese, Amy Tan empathizes with the daughters and the mothers of her novel. Each mother tells her daughter her story of hardships and experiences she had overcame in China before coming to America. The purpose of these stories is to give a lesson and advice to the daughters and hope each daughter will not make the same mistake in her life. The story of Suyuan Woo carries the regret of abandoning her twin baby daughters during the Japanese invasion in China around 1944. Later she moved to America with her second husband, Canning Woo and gave birth to one of the daughter protagonists, Jing-mei Woo. Suyuan holds hope and continues searching for her two twin daughters throughout her life, but death left Jing-mei to finish fulfilling her mother’s wish. Suyuan Woo came to America with hopes and dreams of giving the best life to her daughter. She carried a swan during the journey, but when she arrived in America the immigration officials took this swan away, leaving only the swan feather. Suyuan told her daughter, Jing-mei, “This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions.” (3) Her good intentions meant hope. When leaving a homeland and coming to a new place to live, a person can only wish for hope for the later generation. After coming to America, Suyuan’s optimisms led her to establish the Joy Luck Club; inviting the three other protagonists: Lindo Jong, An-mei Hsu, and Ying Ying St. Clair, to join her. The club was a place for grievances and sorrow to be forgotten and happiness to be created. Like all Chinese mothers, Suyuan wishes that her daughter...
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