Sustainable Refurbishment Work for an Existing Building in Srilanka.

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Sustainable refurbishment provides great capacity for addressing much of the environmental, economic and, in particular, social sustainability goals through, for example, involvement of residents in project design and implementation. However, there is a great deal of work that must be done to develop the institutional framework for facilitating sustainable refurbishment activity. A sustainable building is one in which the design team have struck a balance between environmental, economic and social issues at all stages – design, construction, operation and change of use/end of life. This may involve greater emphasis on different aspects at different stages in the building’s life. Being sustainable does not have to be costly or difficult. Simple inexpensive and creative ways are to reduce your energy/water consumption and save money on your bills. The great thing about Apartment style living is that you are already in a vertical community, and the actions to improve the efficiency of Apartments will be the same for everyone!

The increasing price of electricity and water, along with increasing strata levies, mean that many people will be looking at where they can save money. Energy supply and national strategies, such as mandatory disclosure are also driving people to think about the environmental performance of a property, as is reflected in the value of a property. Because of this, the financial benefits of smart usage and reduction will make apartment owners more likely to adopt energy efficient technology in common areas and smarter behaviors in their own apartments.

The main objectives of sustainable design are to avoid resource depletion of energy, water, and raw materials; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure throughout their life cycle; and create built environments that are livable, comfortable, safe, and productive.


A Residential apartment was selected to discuss ‘How an existing building can be improved in sustainable concept through environmentally, economically and socially.’ In this report, one of my roles will be to perform an audit and give recommendations on improving the performance and sustainability features of this ‘existing’ facility.

1.1 Physical Features

1. Name of the Residential Apartment: Ebenezar Regency.
2. Location: No-24, ‘Ebenezar Regency’, Ebenezar place, Dehiwala 3. Value: 24 million Rupees
4. Completion Date : 2010 -04 -24
5. No of Storey – 07 Storey Residential apartment
6. Ground Floor Area: 208 m2
* Ground floor – Car Parking, Security Office, Control Room and Labor’s Billet * Typical floors (1,2,3,4 and5 floors) – For Living Houses.(Each Floor has 4 houses) * Top floor – Water Tank, Other Service equipments

* Each House – Living area, 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen and Balcony. * Common Area – 34 m2 Per Floor (Lift, Walking area and Stair Case, etc..) * Used Area – 156 m2 per floor(39 m2 per house)

* Site visited to the Place –15th October 2012 at 10.00am

1.2 Existing Services along with running costs
This Ebenezar Regency Residential apartment building Utility Bills for a month (approximately)
* For Total Electricity Consumption = $1160
($ 58 per month per house)
* For Total Water Consumption = $ 616
($ 30.8 per month per house)
* And Other Costs:-
* Security system and Personnel Costs = $550
* Maintenance Costs = $ 800
* Staffing Costs = $ 980
* Other Extra costs = $ 450

Total costs for this building utility and other costs approximately = $ 4556

1.3 Existing Sustainability Features

This Ebenezar Regency Residential apartment building includes features such as natural ventilation, day lighting and sun shading, and etc…. Other Existing Sustainability Features in the Ebenezar Regency residential apartment are described on each conservation and management strategies....
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