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Topics: Sustainability, Community, Sustainable community Pages: 4 (1308 words) Published: November 13, 2013
The author has been asked to explore a topic related to community and sustainability. For the purpose of this assignment the author found it fitting to focus on the development of eco villages and how they function as a sustainable community and the impact these villages have on the economy and the environment as a result of the way they function. The author will define community development and sustainability. Tony Sirna states “Eco village is a vision. Eco village is a goal. Eco village is an ideal.” (FIC 2000) Community development is a process that seeks to build strong, sustainable communities by bringing people and groups together for the good of the wider community and society. Based on principles of equality, fairness and respect it sets out to influence power structures and remove barriers that prevent people from taking part in decisions that affect their lives. (Tolka Area Partnership 2010) Eco villages are a fine example of community development, they are communities in which the members feel fully supported by each other for the better of their community .There is the sense of belonging and being part of your community. The eco villages allow members to be respected as they are all recognised as member with equal rights all members are seen and heard. They are empowered in the sense that they take charge of their own lives and the lives of the eco village community, they are active in the decisions that will in turn affect all lives within the community. While researching eco villages the author found that although it is a relatively new term in actual fact eco villages stem from aboriginal villages which have been around for millennia which have also managed to retain their ancient sustainable cultures. In parts of the wold where an aboriginal/ indigenous base has been destroyed eco villages are now being created intentionally so that people can live again in communities that are...
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