sustainable leadership

Topics: Sustainability, Corporation, Triple bottom line Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: October 13, 2013
what is sustainable leadership?
'Sustainable leadership' recognises the complex interdependency between individuals, business, markets and society and the eco-system, with the aspiration that the organisation creates prosperity and social value as well as long term commercial success, while protecting the environment in which we are all participants. Sustainable leadership requires leaders to focus on four critical relationships: Intra-personal – attending to own psychological and physical health, in particular the ability to learn from experience, a sense of personal purpose, and care for own physical wellbeing and vitality. Organisation – attending to the conversations going on in the organisation and how these influence cultural norms, the achievement of business goals and the customer experience. Society – taking account of the fact that we are not somehow separate from the society in which we live and do business, we are all participants in creating this society; aiming to create social value and prosperity not only for ethical reasons, but because business needs a healthy society in which to operate. Environment – protecting the environment and minimising the environmental impact of the organisation. We believe effective 21st century leadership is concerned with developing high quality relatonships across each of these dimensions. This generates ‘sustainable leaders’ – who in turn create sustainable organisations.

Corporate environmental and social scandals, government regulations and a greater consumer concern for ecological issues have heightened company and investor interest in the concept of corporate sustainability. These trends have made it more difficult for companies to overlook the necessity of achieving sustainable business operations. However, the variation in approaches that companies take to deal with sustainability issues has left many companies with more questions than answers. Is the pressure to achieve sustainability...
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