Sustainable Integrated Resorts

Topics: Renewable energy, Sustainability, Wind power Pages: 3 (417 words) Published: March 6, 2010
Explain how Integrated Resorts can be designed and managed to comply with sustainability principles.

Nowadays most countries around the world is putting emphasise on sustainable development. Even in Mauritius we are talking about Maurice ‘ile durable’. So the future of integrated resorts in Mauritius and around the world will go mainly in the pipeline of the sustainability concept.

Using a sustainable approach to integrated resort development can offer a real contribution to institutions in terms of optimising their assets and reducing risks, costs and impacts.

The benefits associated with sustainable integrated resort development would be financial, social and environmental.

The following factors should be considered when developing a sustainable integrated resort:

An integrated resort will surely promote more biodiversity such as • positioning flora to improve the energy efficiency characteristics of a building; • planting trees as part of a local and regional pollution reduction strategy; and • creating a valued social amenity and enhancing community by providing trees, green spaces and water features. Example TAMARINA ESTATE

Building materials
The building materials of the integrated resort should also be sustainable.

Sustainable materials are
non-polluting in manufacture, use and disposal;
materials that can be reused and recycled.

Water Management
In order to achieve a sustainable integrated resort we should have a good water management that is by •Adopting water saving measures which will reduce the pressure on water resources: •Considering re-using greywater and collecting rainwater

Considering installing suitable drainage systems

Pollution and toxicity
Pollution and toxicity also should be reduced for a sustainable integrated resort development.

Using materials that do not damage air quality can reward the users with better health, businesses with higher productivity and developers with...
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