Sustainable Community

Topics: Sustainability, Renewable energy, Recycling Pages: 6 (1786 words) Published: February 28, 2009
Sustainable Community:
Mission Statement: Our mission is to cultivate sustainable and environmentally friendly practices that mobilize members both across and within communities to transform their lifestyles by promoting a shared “green” consciousness. Our model serves to empower individuals and communities toward creating a sustainable equilibrium between lifestyle and environment. Through individual and community practices, our movement is a culture of environmental sustainability that seeks to change the world one household at a time. Focus: Our focus as we create a sustainable community is to: - Educate, inspire, and empower the community in the practical application of sustainable principles, and the actions required to shape public policy. - Establish more grassroots support for sustainability advocacy at the local level. - Mobilize our friends, families, and neighbors to act in the interests of a Sustainable Community.

What are some of the sustainability issues we are facing?
1. Maximize the utilization of renewable energy resources such as wind, hydro energy, and solar power within a given location. 2. The conservation and efficient management of water resources. 3. Promoting energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy resources. 4. Creating affordable “green” housing for seniors, younger families and our local workforce. 5. Designing comprehensive and accessible public transportation services. 6. Promoting a strong fiscal base for local government that centers on sustainable practices and environmental sustainability. 7. Providing a network of local recycling centers.

8. Strengthening community values of cooperation, respect for one another and the environment, and local self-reliance. 9. Taking the long term perspective on sustainable growth and development. 10. Transforming existing communities toward sustainable “green” practices. Location for our Sustainable Community: Our view represents self-reliant community development which sustains people’s livelihoods using environmentally friendly products, practices, and technology. The location of our sustainable community is within the Southern California Region. It is not a specific location but rather an overall movement in this region to both transform existing communities and design new ones that network to form a culture of environmentally sustainable practices. Each participating household within a given neighborhood or city would work together toward integrating our model into their local area. We will have local community centers that provide education, resources, events, and consultation services to members. What makes up our Sustainable community?

Food: To have our sustainable community we will need nutritional resources, specifically food. We must have food security as well as healthy foods for the community and the environment. To accomplish this, two factors were considered, organically grown products and a local farming. We organically grow our food in a field adjacent to our neighborhood. We also grow foods in our own backyards. Our land is not abused and the soil is not harmed, when we grow our own food organically. Organically grown foods are good to our environment and it offers our community more jobs, since it takes more manual labor to grow organically. Our community benefits when we grow our produce in our own backyards. Local farming reduces the fuel consumption because foods are not transported far from locations. Our community is self-sustained, since we do not rely on outside sources to produce food. Government:

Our sustainable community practices the following policies:
- Stricter emission controls that far exceeds the Kyoto Protocol. - Place deadline for all consumer vehicles to be on sustainable fuels (Preston's idea). - All government vehicles must be powered by natural gas or hydrogen cells. - Offer financial incentives to people working shorter weeks and working from home. - All...
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