Sustainable Assignment

Topics: Sustainability, Sustainable development, Triple bottom line Pages: 24 (3678 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Sustainable Enterprise
Possible Examination Questions

1.Provide definition of sustainability and the reason you chose this definition.

• Enhance the planet’s ability to maintain and renew the viability of the biosphere and protect all living species.

• Enhance society’s ability to maintain itself to solve major problems.

• Maintain a decent level of welfare for present and future generations of humanity.

• Extend the productive life of organisations and maintain high levels of corporate performance.

• Ecological sustainability redesign organisations to contribute to economic development and protection and renewal of the biosphere.

• Human sustainability, building human capability and skills for sustainable high-level organisational performance and for community and societal well-being.

The last 2 through the triple bottom line: Economic, social and environmental outcomes.

2.Suggest a number of ways self-regulation codes could be improved to encourage global corporations to improve their human rights record.

• Chambers of commerce

• Bringing part of their profits to endanger communities where the companies operate

• Improve the recycling measures to reduce the footprint and the carbon emissions.

• Build eco-eficient buildings.

• Using wind-power or solar-power

3.List four reasons for the gap between people’s stated intentions to buy green or sustainable products and their actual green consumption

• The price of green products are more high

• Unawareness about the product standards

• Irregular supply of the product.

• Loyalty to the regular products.

4.Provide one argument for and one argument against the use of regulation or laws to control corporate sustainable actions?

• Pro: With government regulations the state prevents a damage in the environment.

• Against. Usually the government legislation is taken as a barrier to the free development of the enterprise, and can take away the investments in the industry.

5.Describe two roles that government can play with regard to supporting the sustainable behaviours of either resident

6.Define two functions that the natural environment provides for human activity

• Water supply

• Wind power

• Minerals

7.Give two examples of market based or economic policy instruments that can be used to encourage sustainable practices?

• Tax reductions to industries that reduce the gas emissions and the carbon emissions.

• Soft credit to change the production and factories into green production

• Tax reduction for reforestation.

8. Define Natural Capital

• Natural capital is the natural resources (energy and matter) and processes needed by organisations to produce their products and deliver their services. This include sinks that absorb, neutralise or recycle wastes (e.g. oceans, forest); resources, some of which are renewable (wood, water, animals) and others not (fossil fuels) and processes, such as climate regulation and carbon cycle, that enable life to continue in a balanced way.

Natural capital performs five distinct types of environmental functions:

1. It forms the basic life-support functions necessary for our existence. These include climate and ecosystem stability and shielding us from ultraviolet radiation by the ozone layer. This is its Regulation Function.

2. It provides refuge and reproduction-habitat to wild plants and animals and contributes to the in-situ conservation of biological and genetic diversity and evolutionary processes. This is its Habitat Function.

3. It provides humans with resources that form the basis of production. It is the raw materials for food, fuel, metals, timber, etc. This is natural capital’s Production Function.

4. It absorbs wastes from production, both from the production process and from the disposal of consumption goods. This is its...
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