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The green challenge is the public concern as well as the environment awareness is growing, the consumers have probably been interest in eco-friendly products and services. In the sustainable marketing, the companies need to have the ability to satisfy the requirements and the needs of the environmentally products and their marketing can also promote the company’s sustainable strategy profitability and social responsibility. Belz (2009) states that the sustainability in marketing is the conventional marketing view. This can be explained that the sustainable marketing may be developed and holding the nature of the consumption by generating the social and environment value. In the order word, the aim of sustainability marketing tries to adopt the customer value, social value and environment value. To explore the sustainability in marketing, the report will focus on the basic of sustainability marketing, examining the four as of sustainable consumer behaviour, critically analyse the strategies to boost sustainable consumer behaviours in practice, justifying the sustainable marketing strategy and practise and identifying the principle of effective social marketing.

Sustainability marketing definition

Environment issues become as a part of marketing concept in 1970s and it can be defined as green or sustainability marketing (Emery 2002). Pettie (1995) reported that the term of using environment marketing and green marketing is link together when they relate to environment and social issue. The green marketing is explained as the process of marketing the products and service which are eco-friendly safe. The green marketing is applied due to the concern of environmental consumer safe which means supporting the environmentally solution in two objective consumption and profitability. These objectives are based on the firm’s strategy is to match with requirement, demands and the interests of the target market that aims to develop the marketing strategy to satisfy the consumer’s view and society’s demand (Kotler and Keller, 2006). A core corporate’s mission and vision has to be concerned and support the sustainable marketing by designing, promoting , producing and delivering of green products that have to join force between all department in company. Moreover, the clients expect the raw material come from eco – friendly resources of supply chain ( Belz & Peattie 2009). The main purpose of sustainability marketing is trying to adopt the customer demands and deliver to value of consumer by producing the sustainability goods and services (Martin & Schouten 2012).

To success in sustainability, marketer should consider the sustainable consumer behaviour and consumption’s beliefs and attitudes.

Sustainable consumer behaviour

Sustainability consumer behaviour is the way in which the customer behaviours focus on improving the specific social needs and the environmentally sustainability. This strategy will concentrate on what the clients should or should not buy, how the products use in an effective way and what customers will do with the sustainability substitute goods and services. Hence, the more eco-friendly consumption causes changing in customer behaviours as well as the companies’ activities (Charter et al, 2002). To understanding the complexity in customer’s demands, there are four steps in Four As of sustainability consumer behaviours – Awareness, Acceptance, Ability and Action. Awareness is defined as the knowledge and understanding (Moscardo Gianna 2012). Here, people have to understand and know their needs for the sustainability products and its impacts on the environment. Additionally, people should aware that if the products are not safe for the society and stop consuming those harmful products (Jackson 2005). Second, they should have responsibility with their beliefs on the sustainable solutions as the result from green...
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