Sustainability in Olympics

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The focus on Stratford required a regeneration in an Area that is not only culturally diversified, but suffered a Social deprivation hence the need for a catalyst that will not only increase the Vision and plan for an urban Renewal but it will encapsulate the programme of Urban Regeneration and economic development. This report will examine the Sustainability plan forwarded by the committee giving a detailed review on aspects of its sustainability, Opinion survey will be accompanied and a critical evaluation will be assessed.


The notion to have the Olympics and Paralympics in London has clearly attributed to the overall concept right from its design stage to the design of the entire Olympics project however, its sustainability has been fully assessed and a controversial view stated in comparison to other Olympics held in other countries


London succeeded in its Bid for a number of reasons out of the nine cities that applied only 5 cities were short listed. London won its bid based on a number of factors. Being a global city with a reputation across the world. Its multicultural population meant that all countries would be well supported at the various games. • Stratford was previously known to be a deprived area, there has been severe changes in the area such as the development of Westfield shopping centre and international station • London is known to have a distinctive bid all about young people, regeneration and the future supported with emotions and plans to build world class venue and improve transport. Its plan is to ensure the rivers in the area are being restored to make a beautiful Olympic Park. • The “jury is still out” on the 2012 Olympics. Although some people have lost homes and businesses, however they have been given compensation


The main concept for the sustainability plan is geared mainly on a concept of ‘One planet living’’, this persuaded people to live within the world’s resources The Olympic scene shows some of the ways to planning, building and delivery of sustainability by the transformation of the Olympic Park and the building of world class venues. Hosting of the Games was has provided the best experience for the community and its environment.

The vision to have London′s 2012 Olympics stems from the need for a Transformation of East London where Permanent structures will begin the drive for guaranteeing the principle of sustainability is in place.

There is the need for long term legacy to be planned and this is linked to the value, having this plan helps determine if a process is in place to establish if maximum benefit is achieved.

The London Olympic 2012 were able to leave a solid environmental legacy via the need to adopt the following themes: Biodiversity, Waste, Climate Change, Inclusion and Healthy living. The creation of a committee LOGON has enabled documented policies to be in place whereby these documents are reviewed.

Roger Draper (2003: 16), the Chief Executive of Sport
England, has commented that:

“We are totally in support of the Olympics, but what we have said is that it has to leave a legacy. It’s got to be twin tracked. It’s no good having a great Olympics in 2012 and inspiring many young people to take up sport if we don’t have the facilities, coaching and infrastructure to get them involved and keep them in sport.”

An overview on the 5 areas that led to sustainability will be assessed and I will be concentrating specifically on “Waste” * Climate change – The plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure facilities are able to cope with the impacts of climate change. The Climate change-zero reduced dioxide emission by reducing energy demand and supply from zero/100 carbon and removable resources. Carbon management to deliver low-carbon Games. An...

References: Draper, R. (2003: 16), the Chief Executive of Sport
Matthews, R(2012)
Nichols, G. (2012). Olympic cities: 2012 and the remaking of London. Leisure studies, 31(3)
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