Sustainability in Fashion

Topics: Environmentalism, Fashion, Natural environment Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Is there a future for sustainability in fashion? Is seems as though there is. As the world grows increasingly worried about the world’s climate almost every industry is looking for ways to make a change in the way they manufacture goods, including the fashion industry. Sustainability has already begun in the fashion industry but over the past couple of years it has become more prevalent in society. Consumers are more aware now than they have ever been that some of the effects from the processes to manufacture clothing can be detrimental to the environment. Companies in the industry have become extremely concerned about this and in March of 2011 the New York Times reported that, “the coalition of retailers, clothing manufacturers and environmental groups will join forces under the name of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to promote sustainability in the apparel industry” (Zeller). There are 30 members in the coalition including companies such as Wal Mart, J.C. Penney, and H&M. Some other members also include Duke University, Environmental Defense Fund, the labor rights group Verite, and the Environmental Protection Agency. The coalition’s goal is to develop a comprehensive database of the environmental impact of every manufacturer, component and process in apparel production, with the aim of using that information to eventually give every garment a sustainability score. Later on they hope to provide a label on the clothing itself so that consumer’s can make informed decisions about what they buy and how the article itself impacts the environment.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is not the only organization worrying about sustainability in the fashion industry. Green Peace can also be noted with helping to make changes in the industry as well. Green Peace which was started in 1971 by a small team of activists from Canada who wanted to inform the world about the environmental impacts of everything from the hazardous effects of nuclear bomb...

Cited: Zeller, Tom. 1 March 2012. “Clothes Makers Join to Set ‘Green Score”. Business Day. The New York Times.
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