Sustainability Development in Hotel Industry

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Sustainable Development in Hotel Industry

by Chandershekher Joshi

“Customers’ green attitudes are, in general, significantly associated with their expressed intentions to visit a green hotel, to spread word-of-mouth about a green hotel, and to pay more for it.” -- International Journal of Hospitality Management

“Eco-friendly hotels get higher consumer reviews than their non-green counterparts.” -- Travelocity

Executive Overview

Today, ‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable’ hotel becomes a buzz world in the Hotel industry. Hotel industry in recent past has come up with various sustainable development measures. These measures are from conserving water, waste management , energy saving to creating green room. The industry has integrated its business with Sustainable development approach in various functions such as Operations, supply Chain and procurement. These sustainable approaches has benefited industry in terms of cost and brand. This research paper find out how globally Hotel industry is adopting sustainable development approaches in the daily business.

The goal of Sustainable Development is clearly to secure economic development, social equity and environmental protection. As much as they could work in harmony these goals sometimes work against each other in our modern world. The rapid development of good living, travel and in general of the consumer society has often resulted in less

protection to the environment and to some groups of the world population. Ferocious search for profitability has not co-existed harmoniously with making the world a better place. However there is a general consensus that it cannot go on for ever and those who are favored by life now feel responsible for those who have not had the same chance. Economic growth will always remain the

basis of human development but it should integrate as well its impact on the people and on the planet. SD focuses on having a holistic approach to development taking into consideration economic, social and environmental needs while avoiding over utilizing key natural resources. Hospitality or Hotel industry all over the world is leading in creating sustainable model for other industry. Area of Sustainable Developments in Hotel industry

As the hotel industry is a large consumer of water it is obvious that it should demonstrate its concern about this major problem. Currently, in a lot of hotels, guests are recommended to keep their towels –sometimes their sheets- for more than a day in order for hotels to conserve water and reduce the use of detergent. It is a worthwhile undertaking but one that sounds hypocritical as it appears to be as a cost saving exercise. Energy

The installation of fluorescent lights throughout a hotel reduces energy consumption by thousands of dollars as does the replacement of windows. Green roofs help conserve energy. New energies – wind, solar - should be encouraged. Not only these programs help save energy but they cut maintenance costs. Their pay-back period is generally very good. Governments usually encourage the efforts by giving grants or tax cuts. Hotel companies should do whatever can be done to help develop clean energies.

There is an enormous amount of waste in the hotel industry and particularly in the food industry. A significant global project is to engage the units to reduce waste as much as possible and to recycle it Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG)

Hotels, using major quantities of energy, produce major quantities of GHG. The measurement of the reduction of GHG emission is more visible when consolidated at company level. A company can make a pledge to offset carbon emissions by supporting an organization such as Climate Care.

Paperless environment
When one considers the quantity of paper that is used in a hotel one cannot but think of the destruction of trees and its impact on global warming. Moreover the printing...

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