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A Sustainable Gift
By Abode & Bod

Sustainability Transformation Report
Part A Report Plan

Scope of Analysis1
Conception Plan of Analysis1


To successfully transform a business into a fully sustainable business it must have no negative impact on the environment. Sustainability is balancing the needs of people living now, with those of future generations. To achieve this difficult task, organisations need to adapt a “Triple bottom line” focusing on economic, environmental and social, rather than the usual purely economic goal (Moscardo et al. 2013, p. 4). This report aims to apply the business model of Natural Capitalism to transform Abode & Bod into a sustainable organisation. Natural Capitalism is … “described as capitalism plus ecological wisdom” (Moscardo et al. 2013, p. 143). It “…describes a future in which business and environmental interests increasingly overlap, and in which businesses can better satisfy their customers' needs, increase profits, and help solve environmental problems all at the same time.”(Natural Capitalism 2013) Abode & Bod is a gift and homewares store in Wilston, Brisbane. The successful small business, operating since 2005, sells a wide range of products, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, candles and books which are sourced locally, nationally and internationally. The organisation is run by an owner, a manager and four casual staff members.

Scope of Analysis

The scope of this analysis covers Abode & Bod’s production system and general operations, from re-ordering an existing product, deliveries that require collecting from a warehouse, unpacking, all activities involved in presenting the product and packing after sale to the customer. It also includes, maintenance such as cleaning and shop facilities. In order to provide a detailed analysis, limitations must be placed on the scope of this study. This report excludes the...

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Natural Capitalism, Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, 2013. Available from: <>
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