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* Aim1
* Marketing1

* Background1
* Medoc1
* Importance of Wine2
* Improving the Wine Profits2
* Sustaining Wine Production2

* Background3
* Recruitment3
* Development3
* Aesthetic Labour3
* Change Management4

* Importance4
* Destination4
* Social Media5

* Area of Strength5
* Area of Weakness5

* Staff5
* Management6
* Hotel6



The hotel is facing a lot of problems, and the main intention of the hotel is to solve the current issues that are affecting the success of the hotel. The report is an overall study of the three main problems in order of importance, firstly wine production and vineyard. Human resource management within the hotel is the second problem. Thirdly, is the low marketing of the hotel. All these problems would be tackled and the solutions for these problems are suggested. Even the recommendations for the betterment of the hotel in future are given. Background:

Hotel Moulin à Vent is an age old property in the Medoc region of France. Most of the facilities are left unattended for a long time. The hotel has 95 rooms, and most of the rooms are not similar, they are disproportional. It has a beautiful windmill that is now used as a store room. It even has a big swimming pool, and a large shaded garden with rusted furniture. Wine Production

Wine is very famous in France regions as the best wines in the world are grown there. And this hotel has its own vineyard. The vineyard of this hotel is the major asset of the hotel as most of the guests appreciate the wine from this hotel and come again. The wine of the hotel is also sold in local markets for a lesser price. The wine from this hotel is very good in quality and taste. The wine of this hotel has good potential to become a good seller in the global market as well. Medoc:

Medoc is one of the regions in France which produces the best wines. It is well known for the wine grown there on the left bank of Grionde estuary, North Bordeaux. The economy of this region is through the production of red wines from around 1500 vineyards in this region. It is even famous for its long sandy beaches. The geography of this region isn’t ideal for growing wine because of the Atlantic Ocean. But the major factor is that the soil is very much helpful for the growth of wine. Medoc region is divided into two regions, Bas-Medoc and Haut-Medoc. [Source: Wikipedia]

Importance of Wine:
Wine is not just an alcoholic drink now, but plays a prestigious part in the dining of the people. The importance and standard of the wine is increasing day by day. Wine plays a vital role in France as best wines of the world are grown in France. It is very essential for the hotel to serve the correct standard of wine and different wines to their guests, as each wine goes with a different meal. In the global market the demand for wine is raising daily as the consumption of wine is very high. [Hall C. Michael, 2003] There are 3 sectors which come under wine industry; they are the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Trade sectors. Wine always serves as simple satisfying refreshment. [Harrington J. Robert, 2008] Improving the wine profits:

The wine prepared in this hotel is the reason for the sustaining it. The wine from the vineyard of the hotel is very good, but the wine prepared is only sold in the hotel and the local markets of that region. To achieve good profits for the hotel, the wine of the hotel is to be exported internationally. Many countries import wine as the best wine is not grown everywhere. The demand of these countries is to...

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