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Susie Salmons View of Heaven

By pooperz Dec 02, 2008 299 Words
Susie Salmon, a girl who died at the age of 14 and went to heaven is truly inspirational. She is a girl who not only told us a story about how she died but also how the people on earth reacted to that death. She tells this story from her heaven. Not just any heaven, her own personal heaven. Where everything she could possibly imagine becomes real and nothing is beyond her grasp, except life of course. Personally I believe that Susie’s view of heaven is the perfect example of what heaven should be like. I truly do believe that heaven is the perfect place and that everyone has their own individual heaven. I also believe that even though someone may have their own personal heaven that they also share that heaven with others. What I mean is that there are areas in that person’s heaven, that they are sort of sharing with another person who has passed away. To me, this makes tremendous sense, because to be honest with you, I do not see how any one person could imagine a place that no one else has ever imagined. Susie’s heaven is a beautiful place, full of all the things she loves and enjoys, and you would have to be crazy to think that heaven is anything but perfect. Heaven is what most people look forward to after life. It is what most people want after death, and if heaven is not anything like Susie saw it, then what would be the point exactly? If heaven is not as perfect or as nice as it is presumed to be, then it would not exist. So I truly do believe that Susie had a excellent and positive view of heaven that I could agree with.

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