Susan Griffin Our Secret

Topics: Mind, Truth, Emotional insecurity Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 22, 2005
"We are all part of a complex web of connection". This statement sounds un-materialistic because of its banal nature. But the truth is, it is the sheer reason for our existence. The relationship between true spirituality and human connectedness are apparent. For example, the way Griffin's adult life was shaped from the unbalance she suffered as a child eventually was the telling factor what she would eventually become. "We considered ourselves finer than the neighbors to our left with their chaotic household. But when certain visitors came, we were as if driven by an inwardly secret panic that who we were might be discovered" (‘Our Secret', Susan Griffin pg 353).

Trying to find coverings that could protect them from the apparent loop-holes tells the state of insecurity that her family was living under. This case is similar in effectiveness to that of Himmler's. As a child growing up, his lack of a social life and his seemingly frail stature hindered him from engaging in manly sports and mixing with his peers. Upon being thrust in the light of power, he sees this opportunity to attain the ‘happy memories' his childhood that he didn't have a chance to experience. From this we can know see how the how their childhoods and upbringings eventually became the pivotal role in defining their future. In this case one lives in insecurity whereas, the other revels in his insecurities.

What really captures me in this excerpt of "Chorus of the Stones" is the seemly ambiguous text she writes before most of the paragraphs or topic sentences. Let's take this example. "In the matrix of the mitochondria all the processes of transformation join together in the central vortex" (Griffin 353). The first thing that comes to the mind of the readers is that of bewilderment as to what purpose the text serves. But upon finishing the below paragraphs, the reader becomes amazed as to how such opposite ideas, capture the same central theme of connectedness.

From my own analysis, I...
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