Survival: Religion and Pi

Topics: Religion, Yann Martel, Faith Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: June 10, 2013

“A good novel that challenges enlighten the reader” Life of Pi by Yann Martel can be very powerful and engages ideas that make many readers question many issues as well as inform the reader. The most particular note is the reality of fear in Pi’s life. The importance of believing in yourself IS a critical role of survival in the novel. All these ideas provoke the reader into an incredible journey of discovery along with PI, where we are forced to consider and confront what it means to be fully and authentically human. One of the most importance things in the novel is the theme of survival, even in seemingly impossible and adverse conditions. For Pi, the challenge of surviving operates on several levels. First of all there is the necessity of the physical survival. He must keep his body alive. This requires food and water, both in short supply, as well as protection from the elements. Pi knows that he must defend himself from the immediate threat of a tiger called Richard Parker, but he is also aware that there are a host of dangers doing him in. Many things like sharks, ocean storms, sunstroke and dehydration are a pose to risk his life. “Life of Pi” shows a journey through a young boy’s desperate attempt to survive. Attempts born from his strength in science and in religion, faith and reason that manage to keep him alive and fighting. Another important thing in this novel is the theme of religion. Pi maintains his religious beliefs while on the boat through his daily ritual prayers, which helps sustain him. Pi is faced with physical difficulty, ranging from salt-water boils, to the threat by a tiger, to cold, to starvation, to dehydration and other difficulties. But however Pi continues to pray regularly, and must plead god in order to survive his ordeal. The idea of embracing both religion and Science leads him as our role model in “Life Of Pi” as to how Science and religion can be believed by one person. In this situation Pi embraces both aspects...
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