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Company : ChocOat Company
Product name: ChocOat
Product: Choco Oatmeal Cookies

To know if our Product is Feasible

Name (Optional) : ____________________ Gender: ______ Age: _____

Direction: Encircle you answer

1. Are you familiar with oatmeal cookies? a. Yes b. No

2. Do you eat cookies? a. Yes b. No

3. How often do you eat cookies (Any kind)? a. daily b. once a week c. once a month

4. Have you tried eating oatmeal cookies? a. Yes b. No

5. Which of these brands of oatmeal cookies are you familiar with?

a. Quaker b. Murray c. Keebler d. Other _____________________

6. What do you prefer in buying oatmeal cookies?

a. taste b. Packaging c. price d. Other _____________________

7. Rank the following 1-3 according to what you prefer in buying oatmeal cookies from 1 being the most preferred and 3 being the least preferred.

____ sweetness
____ texture
____ appearance

8. What flavor of oatmeal cookies do you want?

a. chocolateb. milk c. original d. Other _____________________

9.what is the best compliment for oatmeal cookie?

a. tea b. coffee c. milk d. Other _____________________

10. what texture of oatmeal cookies do you prefer?

a. soft b. crunchy c. Other _____________________

11. Where do you usually buy oatmeal cookies?

a. marketb. malls c. sari-sari store

12. What is the affordable price for oatmeal cookies (per piece)?

a. P5 b. P8 c. P10 d. Other _____________________

13. What form of advertisement do you prefer ?

a. word of mouth b. newspaper and magazine c. posters and flyers d. Other___________________

14. Rate the oatmeal cookies from 1-5, as 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Put a check (√) .

| |5 |4 |3 |2 |1 | |sweetness | | | | | | |color | | | | | | |smell | | | | | | |texture | | | | | |

15. Are you willing to patronize our product (oatmeal cookies)? a. Yes b. No

The 2010 VC 100:

5AM Ventures
Menlo Park, CA

Accel Partners
Palo Alto,CA

Advanced Technology Ventures
Palo Alto, CA
Allegis Capital
Palo Alto, CA

Atlas Venture
Waltham, MA

Austin Ventures
Austin, TX

Azure Capital Partners
San Francisco, CA

Bain Capital Ventures
Boston, MA

Balderton Capital
London, U.K.

Battery Ventures
Waltham, MA

Bay Partners
Menlo Park, CA

Benchmark Capital
Menlo Park, CA

Bessemer Venture Partners
Menlo Park, CA

BioAdvance Ventures
Philadelphia, PA

Canaan Partners
Menlo Park, CA

Castile Ventures
Waltham, MA

Charles River Ventures
Waltham, MA

Commonwealth Capital Ventures
Waltham, MA

Crosslink Capital
San Francisco, CA

DFJ Gotham
New York, NY

Doll Capital Management
Menlo Park, CA

Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Menlo Park, CA

Edison Venture Fund
Lawrenceville, NJ

Element Partners
Radnor, PA

EnerTech Capital
Conshohocken, PA

First Round Capital
West Conshohocken, PA

FirstMark Capital...
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