Survey Questionnaire

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Dear Respondent,

Good Day!

We, the 4th year BSIT students of Southway College of Technology (SOCOTECH) is presently conducting a research entitled “Information System and Corporate Performance of Paseo de San Francisco Suites” as a course requirement. In this juncture, we would like to ask assistance to answer survey questionnaire instrument. Rest assured that the information gathered will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Thank you and more power!

Respectfully yours, The Researchers

Alejo, Rosdel P.

Balbon, Joikrezsa B.

Cagampang, Betsaida T.

Cubilo, Cheryl Faith S.

De Jesus, Jay M.

Direction: Read the following questions and fill the empty table in the right side according to the number of choices. Put a check (√) symbol below.

Part I – Information System

ScaleVerbal Description
4 Very Large Extent
3 Large Extent
2 Extent
1 Less Extent

1. The Hotel facilitates abrupt response to the customers who wants to have a reservation.| | | | | 2. Fast way of accessing the customers.| | | | |
3. Hassle free system.| | | | |
4. Employees courteously entertained the customers.| | | | | 5. Emphasize good accommodation to all customers.| | | | |

RECORD KEEPING| 4| 3| 2| 1|
1. Keep record securely.| | | | |...
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