Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Competitor analysis Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Abstract , etc etc+ - Word Allocation for each part according to the marks allocated:-Total = 3000 words 1.0 Executive Summary ( 5% - 150 words)
The following points MUST be included in the Executive Summary: Summary of Marketing Plan including key objectives and Marketing Strategy highlights Projected revenue, profit and market share figures

The Executive Summary should be one page length maximum.
2.0 Introduction ( 5% - 150 words) - Nicole
This section should provide:
some background on the company
background of the country to enter
purpose of the marketing plan.
3.0 Situation Analysis ( 5% x 2 – 350 to 400 words, each 100.) - Renaldo This section should cover the external and internal factors likely to impact on your company and its marketing strategy for the product or service selected such as: Business Environment

economic conditions in the foreign market selected, and likely future trends social and cultural factors and any changes or trends emerging that could affect your product or service technological factors and likely innovations that could affect your product or service political or legal factors affecting, or likely to affect, the company, the industry/product/service, marketing activities or customers infrastructure e.g. ports, rail and road network, telecommunications, media and information technology environment etc. demographic trends

Market Analysis
Need to demonstrate an understanding of the target country market, consumer and customer needs in that market. Should at least discuss:
Definition of the market in which will be competing
Market size and outlook for the product/service in the target country market (ie current size of market [units and values] and likely future trends) Market characteristics, including:
- distribution channels for the product or service category (and any barriers to entry) - prices and pricing practices affecting the category (including government controls) - effect of tariffs, subsidies etc....
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