survey: ask 5 drivers about their knowledge

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Question #1: What would you consider are outside and inside distractions while driving? Brian: inside is cellphone, radio, food, conversations, and kids. The outside distractions are, an accident on the road, construction, and any thing that catches interest. Ben: outside would be weather, advertisements, nice cars. Inside would be passengers, radio or phones or anything that involves music, also changing car settings like heat and AC.

Meg: cell phone, conversations, food, makeup. Out side there are ads, other people, and the weather.
Alexandra: In: cell phone, kids, dogs, food, Out: ads, other drivers, pedestrians, and animals
Henry: outside there is advertisements, cars, really nice cars, homeless people, working people, running women, but inside there is the radio, heat, the dials, and passengers. Question #2: What would you do when approaching a traffic light that is flashing amber? Brian: slow down, and proceed with caution.

Ben: slow down, proceed with cation and be alter for things out of the ordinary or construction.
Meg: proceed with caution.
Alexandra:slow down as much as possible, and proceed with caution. Henry: slow down, look around for any dangers, and continue with caution If one does not slow down, they may cause an accident with others that have, proceeding with caution is best advised, due to possible risks that may lay ahead. Question #3: When driving on a highway at 80 km/h the safe following distance is __. When would you increase this distance?

Brian: two car lengths, at least. The space should be increased when the weather conditions are abnormal
Ben: I would stay 3 seconds behind the car I front of my and increase that distance if I see anything a head that could be problematic like a merge lane, accident, construction Meg: three seconds approximately, but if the weather is bad, construction, or if there is

traffic the space is increased.
Alexandra: three seconds when the weather allows such. The time should be increased...
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