Surroundings: Grocery Store and People

Topics: Grocery store, Apartment, Judaism Pages: 6 (2166 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Describe your own surroundings.

I live at the intersection of Eglinton Ave. West and Spadina Rd. near Bathurst St. I live in an apartment complex surrounded by the houses of "Forest Hill". Forest Hill is considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Toronto. Directly outside of my doorstep, I am surrounded by other apartment buildings that kind of make a boarder around all the expensive mansions that are located down the winding street that seem to all interchange with each other. The mansions down this street are absolutely huge and are worth millions.

I noticed that down the street, towards Yonge, the shops are mostly expensive clothing stores, coffee shops, jewelry stores, fancy hair salons, private fitness centers, fruit markets and a LOT of restaurants and dry cleaners. There aren’t to many grocery stores or large corporations around my neighborhood, mostly independently owned and operated stores. The only large corporations that are around is Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharma Plus

I found this interesting because since I do live in a wealth neighborhood, most people drive. If they need to go to get to a grocery store, they get in their car and drive 15-20 minutes to do so. People like me who don’t own a vehicle have to take the bus 20-40 minutes to get groceries.

Big corporate stores like Walmart are far away from my neighborhood. It is very much like its own little village and a tight community. I don’t think something like Walmart would ever be wanted or fit into this neighborhood.

There is a high population of Jewish people and straight up Bathurst this is very predominant. There are quite a few businesses that cater to the Jewish community.

I am not wealthy and am not from Jewish decent. I live here because I enjoy the neighborhood and this kind of community feel at Spadina and Eglinton. However, being a student and having some financial limitations and quite a tight budget, living in this environment isn’t always the easiest. I am surrounded by expensive and pretty high quality store, where you mostly pay top dollar for necessities. Since there isn’t a grocery store around me and I don’t always have the time to travel on the bus to get to one, I use the food section in Shoppers Drug Mart to by some food. Of course since Shoppers doesn’t specialize in food, it typically is more expensive. The fruit markets are very expensive too.

One thing I find interesting is directly across Allen Rd. (which is about a 10 minute walk from my apartment) there is quite a cultural contrast. It dramatically switches from a predominantly Jewish community to a predominantly Jamaican community. In the more Jamacian communities the streets are full on barbers and hair salons, corner stores, dollar stores, and fast food joints/bars. There are always a lot of people walking around music playing on the street. From what I have noticed is that these two communities don’t realy mix together, they stay separate and the only thing that connects them in the subway station that is right between them. It is Eglinton West station (which is right at the Allen Rd.), which is the boarder line from these two very different communities. I find that this happens a lot in Toronto. There is a lot of very different communities place right beside each other.

Do you think this happens purposely and the city decides to do this so that the community becomes multicultural or does this separate the communities more from each other because they are so different and rather then mixing together, they instead clash?

What role does the artist play in today's cities?

An artist role is to create and to stimulate the mind and to connect people’s own experiences to the artwork. An artist can also tell stories through art and help people understand things visually and emotionally.

Unfortunately, the society we live in doesn’t really help promote art. Artists are rarely given any funding or support in order to be able to live as an...
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