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Executive Summary5


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Executive Summary

Product advertising for liquor and cigarette companies is banned in the country since 1995 by Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act. This ban is now likely to be extended to advertising of extended brands. The very purpose of banning liquor advertisements is defeated by surrogate advertising.

A surrogate advertisements is one in which a different product is promoted using an already established brand name. Such advertisements or sponsorships help in contribute to brand recall. The different product shown in the advertisement is called the “Surrogate.” It could either resemble the original product or could be a different product altogether, but using the established brand of the original product.

In India, the trend of surrogate advertisement gathered momentum with the Cable TV Network Regulation Act, which prohibits tobacco and liquor advertisements on TV channels.

Due to the ban, liquor companies focused more on promotions for brand building. The ban on advertising of alcohol beverage products has severely handicapped communication with consumers.

Companies with liquor brands are not advertising liquor products; instead they have extended the equity of their brands into other fields. However as the TV was the most effective medium of advertising, surrogate advertising on TV became popular.

In the mean time, some producers entered new segments under the liquor brand or advertised these products under liquor brand. The surrogate advertisements from liquor companies intensified further through sponsorships of movies, music shows, and other programs and attracting youth.

In late 2001, the broadcasters began airing socially responsible advertisements sponsored by liquor companies. By early 2002, surrogate advertising of liquor brands had intensified like never before on satellite TV channels.

Keeping this thing in mind I decided to conduct a research to find out whether really this surrogate ad helps to recall the original brand. Survey was done comprising of 50 respondents of different age group, different educational level and different class of society.

Questionnaire was asked to fill by them, and data analysis was done. Findings have been given in the report.


Product advertising for liquor and cigarette companies is banned in the country since 1995 by Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act. According to Rule 7 (2) of the Act, no broadcaster is permitted to show advertisement which promotes directly or indirectly promotion, sale or consumption of cigarettes, tobacco products, wine, alcohol, liquor or other intoxicants, infant milk substitution, feeding bottle or infant food. This ban is now likely to be extended to advertising of extended brands.

In June 2002, the Indian Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry served notices to leading television broadcasters to ban the telecast of two surrogate ads of liquor brands McDowell No.1 and Gilbey’s Green Label. The Ministry also put some other brands ---Smirnoff Vodka, Hayward’s 5000, Royal Challenge Whiskey and kingfisher beer on a “watch list.” The surrogates used by these advertisements ranged from audiocassettes, CDs, perfumes to golf accessories and mineral water.

A market survey in 2001 revealed that advertising has a direct influence on the consumption habits of 431 million people in India and an indirect impact on 275 million `aspirants' from the lower income group. Considering this and realizing that nearly 50 per cent of the television owners have access to cable channels, there is no doubt that the hidden call for...

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