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Surrogacy is the arrangement between a women and a couple or individual to carry and deliver a baby.1 The process of surrogacy is expensive, time consuming and also emotional. Couples main purpose to choosing a surrogate is because they are unable to conceive due to an abnormal uterus, have had unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts, or have experienced pregnancy loss.2 The surrogate mother can also be known as the gestational carrier. Many couples turn to a surrogate because of the advantages. The surrogate mother, is receiving both the women’s egg and man’s sperm so it is biologically theirs. 3Surrogacy is not legal in all states due to many controversies. There are two different arrangements for surrogacy. A surrogate can be made through an agency and other times contracted privately and can also be made between complete strangers or between people who meet occasionally through the process. There are many problems associated with choosing a surrogate, it is controversial this is valid argument.

Women who have experienced difficulty in conceiving due to some complication will often seek the help of a gestational surrogate. Statistics show that the average success rate for a live birth rate in gestational surrogacy is between 20 and 30 percent cycle. An advantage of surrogacy is the level of involvement that the intended parents can have during the pregnancy and birth of their child. The degree of involvement is a sensitive and huge factor of the pregnancy and this should be discussed with the intended surrogate prior to the insemination process to make sure both sides have the same views. Not being able to have a child can be devastating to a couple and one of the greatest advantages of choosing surrogacy is that the child is biologically yours. Because the child is biologically theirs, this makes the couple feel more attached to their child even though the mother was not carrying the child. In a different situation surrogacy is a huge advantage for...
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